Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Angry Golfer Rips Apart the Takeaway Which KILLS the Golf Swing Dead

You're addressing the golf ball: the very second you move your body to the right (right-handers) you introduce 1,000 problems to your brain. And because of the complexity of the human brain maybe it's 10,000 or 100,000 problems. For now to strike the golf ball with any force you have to get your body back to the address position - you're now moving (actually floating) LEFT and you must get 'slightly' passed the address position so as to get the blade/head of the club in the right position to apply force to the golf ball. No one knows exactly where one is while floating back to the ball ...the pros do it all by feel ...on any given day they're spraying shots just like an amateur. The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING changes all that ...for the first time since golf's invention.

Golf is now centuries old. The so-called 'conventional swing' began wrong and stays wrong ...Another epic wrong is the conventional grip. The second any part of one hand touches a part of the other hand the brain goes into hyper alert. 'What do you want me to do with the left hand ...the right hand?' The overlapping finger or fingers grip was an attempt to grip the golf stick more firmly (they were once made of wood) ...The notion of making two hands into one began long before brain research appeared on the scene. But look at how a hockey player holds a hockey stick. They've learned that to apply any force at all (and does not the hockey stick in the image below look exactly like a golf club?). You must separate your hands to get a good grip. You must! Take a 7-iron. Wrap the fingers of your left hand around the top of the grip pad and your right hand fingers around the grip at the bottom of the grip pad. Sit in a chair can now wield the golf club (you can move it here and there with a fierceness) - which you must be able to do to execute a good golf shot. 

The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is a top down swing and employs the strongest muscles in your body to the golf swing (very much like a hockey player must employ his upper body strength because his legs are on skates and he's moving - even the goalie). With the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING your legs simply go along for the ride there's significantly less pressure on your spine hips and knees. You don't have to swing hard to apply a great deal of force to the ball can lift the club to a point BELOW your hips and hit the ball 50 yards effortlessly (I demo this in slow motion in the new e-download version of my video tutorial. $9.95). 

A full swing with the 'GOOSE' is a three-quarter swing. Note this testimonial from Joe Phillips: "Two of my friends recommended your swing about a year ago. I hesitated because I've tried so many. Finally, in desperation I ordered your swing idea. One of my friends told me to go slow. I don't know slow. But I got a pretty good feel for what you're trying to do. Moving my weight forward was really difficult after so many years. But after a few times running through it on the TV, I started to see the benefits. I went to the range and hit a bunch of shots. I did as you suggested and got rid of my driver. You're right, I hit the 3 wood farther than the driver. I got to tell you after almost 40 years I really appreciate this swing idea." And this one from Joanna Dunn (age 62). "A remarkably simple approach. I watched the tutorial four or five times, then practiced three or four times at the range, then I played. I hit my drives much farther. I could never pitch a shot. Now I can. Thanks much."

There are a few people who have inquired around the Internet about the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING. "Anybody know anything about this Mongoose Golf Swing?" and "How can you believe anything from an old guy talking out of a mess?" I've never answered them ...until now. They said the same thing about Einstein ...even his fellow 'scientists' tried to say such things as "His desk is such a mess nothing can come of it." His answer: "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" People use your own good judgment. If what you hear makes sense the bloody video tutorial (now in a e-download). If not just go click and head back to the takeaway it's endless problems and your old scores ...good luck.