Wednesday, October 1, 2014


BLOG READERS: I sold a MONGOOSE GOLF SWING TUTORIAL to a man in Florida who had taught the conventional golf swing for more than 25 years. He has some arthritis and yet loves the game enough to give a new swing technique a shot. He watched the tutorial a few times went out and started hitting balls into a net. Then onto the range where he made many adjustments. Then he started playing using the new technique and feel in love with it.

I just got this email from him today. The earlier emails and exchanges are below. What you might also find interesting is how his wife who also played for years and is now playing again using the Mongoose is doing. Ray and I have zero financial affiliation. Let me repeat ZERO financial affiliation. What follows are his words. 

Hi Mark,  Since my last update on the MG swing I did make it to the driving range again.  I started with my wedges and all my shots hit the green and my distance was the same and I'm only swinging at 80% (so the 3/4 swing works just fine as far as power). Sand wedge went 100 yards my middle irons I hit straight and then when I got to my long irons I started hooking them and I thought I was coming over the top but after laying my head cover 1/2 inch from the ball I wasn't coming over the top, I was over-swinging and getting the club too far behind my back shoulder.  I quickly adjusted and went back to the 3/4 swing with my hands about ear height and the ball started going straight.

Felt good. Felt right. And no pain.

My wife was practicing the Mongoose Swing and she was hitting the ball farther, straighter and higher that she has since she started back playing. I on the other hand tend to over analyze the swing.

Played a tough course that is totally bunker lined on all fairways and the greens are surrounded by bunkers.  The course is a slope of 122 at 6,513 yards so it is a good test of golf with little if any room to run the ball on the green so you have to fly the ball on the green.

I left the driver in my trunk and played the 3 wood as you suggested and I was very happy that most of my drives were just as far but straight because if you miss a fairway on this course you will lose at least a shot. The MG chipping saved me 5 shots around the green as it is much more accurate than what is being taught. The putting technique I'm still working on but anytime you change anything in your golf swing or putting swing it may take a little more time.  Some golfers like my wife picked it up right away she is ready to hit the links everyday.

I shot a 76 and I'm very pleased and I know I can score better put I am always happy to break 80.  My wife broke a 100 with a score of 94 and was ready to play another 18.  The main thing right now is that our backs didn't hurt and my hands felt a lot better.

I highly recommend the Mongoose Golf Swing, it will give you better scores with less effort and less injuries. Some students will pick this swing up right away and others like myself that over analyze will take a little longer but it does work.

I don't know where you can get any golf instruction for under $20.00. It is totally a win win for golfers. Any time there is a new idea in the golf swing arena you will get criticism until the person gives the swing a real try and that is what I did.  

Thanks again Mark.  

I'm a MG golfer ...and after all these years.


L M Marchus: [I sent Ray a couple of tips to help him make a few adjustments that he could incorporate immediately since he's a low handicapper and former Pro teacher].

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the information on the wrist and body rotation.

As for how my wife adapted to the Mongoose she watched the tutorial four times to get a feel for it and see if she could get it, and then we went to the range and I went over the Mongoose Swing and showed her how to check for the correct ball position and the pull push method and she just started hitting the ball at a good trajectory and most balls straight. She needed to practice more on her chipping and putting but she did great with the swing so I just didn't say any more about it. I just encourage her, that she is swinging great and keep it up. 

She is a very happy golfer and so am I.