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What follows is a series of emails from a man in Florida - now retired - who taught several golf swing techniques over some 25-years. He now has a bit of arthritis and some back issues from over-torquing during several thousand rounds of golf. He purchased the tutorial and began responding to his progress and I thought you might like to read the emails. 


Thanks Mark for all the great tips.  

I was a golf instructor for 25-years and now retired. I have read your blog and studied your swing on the sample video and I believe you have cracked the code. I'm ordering your DVD today and look forward to the PDF until I receive the DVD. 

Thanks again Ray

Thanks Mark for the PDF.  

I will follow your advice. I taught the Jimmy Ballard Swing, Path to Better Golf by Peter Croker, Natural Golf and the Simple Swing. The first Natural Golf we used a split grip (something like the 'Goose'). With my arthritis I'm searching for anything that will ease my pain. I've only played 15 times this year and have had only 1 round in the 70's a 74 on a very tough course the rest of the rounds were 80 to 84 and I use to always score in the 70's and 60's. I will see the doctor next week and see if I need an operation on my hand. I'm like you in your blog I will go down trying my best to overcome any adversity.


Hi Mark, 

I received your video today and my wife and I sure enjoyed it. I went out and practiced hitting into the net and the swing seemed much easier on my back and hands. There is much more power in the swing. After a couple of weeks on the range I'll let you know how I'm doing.  

Thanks again,  


Dear Ray,
You seem to be a straight up person …just telling it like it is. I’d like to do a running commentary on my website about what you’re doing to learn the swing and what you think about it primarily because you've taught the conventional swing for so many years as a pro. I’ve had several other people offer - but none of them sounded like themselves and none of them had your background. They would have sounded like a paid ad to pitch the 'Goose.' I need the commentary to be from inside - and it must be your actual impression - if you get my meaning. 

Any interest?

L M Marchus

Hi Mark,  
Yes, I would be glad to provide a commentary and if there is something you don't like feel free to delete it. I was a golf swing instructor for 25-years plus I was a club fitter, club builder and repaired them as well. I passed my PAT Play Ability Test for the PGA the first time. I only worked as an apprentice for 2-years and went to work for other companies including Club Tech for the LPGA for 2-years. I feel I know quite a lot about the golf swing but we are always trying to learn a better way. What I can tell your other students is that there is more freedom in the MG golf swing than any other swing I have taught. This produces faster club head speed and straighter shots with less effort [which equals I believe] fewer injuries. I'm not bragging and I don't need any accolades I've already received them. I'm retired and at 66 in good health and enjoy life. Showing the shots in the air (in your video) was excellent - you hit the ball really nice. I will keep a journal of my progress and I will send it to you from time-to-time. 


PS - this is great for the women as you know.

Hi Mark,  
After 3 weeks now of watching the Mongoose Golf Swing every day and chipping and pitching the ball I wanted to give you an update on how the swing is going. After I received the tutorial I went out and hit balls into my net in the back yard and I could feel the power in the swing right away with the levering and contracting of the muscles on the right side.

After retiring from teaching golf for 25-years I know a little bit about the golf swing. I wanted to make a change in my golf swing because after playing for 58-years my body was falling apart from all the body rotation. I also wanted a swing that didn't depend on rhythm.

Everything you say in the Video is the absolute truth. The back swing (from the old swing) is confusing and many golfers never learn it. Now that is eliminated in the Mongoose Swing. How to find your correct ball position can save a golfer so many strokes and Bobby Jones thought this was the most important thing in the golf swing.

As a student now of the Mongoose Swing, I took your advice and first wielded the clubs while waiting for the DVD. Watching the DVD and practicing chipping for a week and the ball goes straight where you aim it.

The second week I started pitching the ball and hitting the low runner from waist high to waist high. It is really hard to miss a shot this way. I'm not swinging 100% only 50%. I plan on scoring in the 60's and low 70's again so I am in no hurry to rush learning this swing in its purest form.

The 3rd week I'm back in the net making full swings at 60%, repeating the swing in my mind as I visualize it from the DVD. I will be going to the range this week to test out - but I feel very confident in it.

The next commentary I post will be on what I feel as I'm executing the Mongoose Swing and what keys I use to strike the ball solid. Plus I'll provide an update on how I did at the range and maybe the course as it is getting cooler here in Florida. Oh, yes, one big secret that Mark tells everyone is the swing feels like a hockey stick swing. And that's the truth.


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