Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Why is it critical to a good result of a golf swing to hit down on the golf ball? Here's the answer - you apply more force to the ball than when you sweep the ball or hit up into it. Key to striking the golf ball is to not only hit down but also have the hand at the top of the grip leading all the way through contact and up into the finish. If you're right-handed your right hand must lead the left hand all the way through impact and up into the finish. The so-called "release" will occur naturally.

Okay what actually happens when we execute a shot like this? What happens is we produce a swing that drives the golf ball down into the ground - just enough to cause it to rotate counter clockwise if we were watching the swing from the side. The spin is coming back at us and this causes the ball to rise but in a certain trajectory. The best ball flight I've ever seen in observing the game for more than 65 years is that of Sam Snead. His drives would start out very low to the ground and then rise up and then the ball would just drop on the fairway and continue to roll. Why? The spin would reverse upon hitting the ground and this causes the ball to roll. Nicklaus's ball flight would take off high and stay high and long and then drop and he wouldn't get near the roll but because of his strength his drives were slightly longer. Snead won the most tournaments of anyone in golf history. 

Again to get the most out of a golf shot hit down on the ball and help your right-hand forward all the way through into the finish. With the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING the ability to keep the hand at the top of the grip in front of the hit to the ball is set before you lift the club into position. My tutorial shows in detail how to hit down on the golf ball. It shows in detail how to use your feet. It shows in detail how to hold your hands. Summer is still a thing of beauty. Order the tutorial and quickly lower your scores. I mean isn't that the object of the game? Just click on the Order Now button and follow the instructions. You don't need a PayPal account to use their online banking services. 

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