Saturday, July 12, 2014


The killer of the golf swing since people played on cow pastures in Scotland 400 years ago is the TAKEAWAY. The second ...the very second the very moment you right-handers move to the right you've created a BIG PROBLEM: How to get back to the spot where you can apply power to the golf ball. Hmm. We all know we're pretty much powerless even if our weight is barely on the inside of our right leg.

Of course getting to that spot that position where we can apply power to the golf ball is what they call "rhythm" right? This business of rhythm produces a variable ...a gray scale of spots or positions open to the golfer as he or she tries to get back to that spot or position necessary to apply power to the golf ball. 

Now if on the way back to some alleged spot or position we begin thinking we're a little late or a little early we think we have to accelerate the club head or decelerating it right? Most of the time the average golfer ends up sweeping the shot or cutting across the golf ball while decelerating and wondering what the hell happened.

That spot or position that allows us to apply the most power to the golf ball - that produces the best accuracy (assuming our alignment is okay) is to have one's weight on the inside of our LEFT leg (if we're right-handed). So getting from here to there leaves us this scale of possibilities thanks to the takeaway and remains our nemesis for life.

The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING eliminates the takeaway forever. GONE! And [it immediately positions you] in the correct spot of position to apply all the power you need to executer a shot. How? Instead of taking the club away simply lift it into position the correct position as a matter a fact. And all you have to do is move a tiny bit of your weight to the LEFT side (if you're right-handed) to that spot or position where you're going to be able to really put some force into the shot AS YOU'RE LIFTING THE CLUB INTO POSITION. One action and you're all set up. 

This allows you to strike DOWN on the back of the ball instead of sweeping the shot which kills distance accuracy and enjoyment. My tutorial has sold all over the world and I need to post some current testimonials - which I'll do next week. But here's a taste from Joe in New Zealand ..."It took me a while to get the hang of it ...but here I am at 62 driving the ball farther than I ever did before. I keep amazing myself. You should have heard from Willy he's my playing mate and he said he was going to order the video. Thanks Marchus for putting this together. Joe ..." And this from Jane in Florida. "I play in a foursome every week and rarely broke 100. Last week I shot an 83 and the week before an 82. The pro here asked what I was doing. I told him about the Mongoose. He said he'd never heard of it. I took lessons from him for more than 5 years. I've only been at this for three or four months. Just a thrill to score better. Jane ..."

If you want to dump the takeaway and lower your scores - you should give the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING a try. To ORDER just click on the "add to cart" button and you'll be taken to PayPal. You don't need to be set up with them to use this online bank. I pay the charges. The DVD is only $19.95 and includes FREE shipping anywhere in the world. Have a great summer.