Thursday, June 5, 2014


The PGA posted a list of players with back problems - most of them still young men such as Woods. Watching them has become painful to me. They keep making the course longer and the players are looking more like gym rats weight pushers treadmill junkies than people just playing a game. But I see this in basketball and baseball where most of the players were lean and mean until about 10 years ago. 

Now we read of steroid Steve crashing another home run and having it removed from the books once they find the corked bat. I can't keep up with the number of suspensions for drug abuse - mostly steroids or other "enhancers."

Everybody is trying to get longer and the equipment manufacturers are making clubs with extra long shafts and heads big enough to drive pilings into the ground. I have always favored a small head on my woods and the same for my irons. Small is beautiful as far as I'm concerned. With smaller heads your swing gets refined via hand-eye coordination. But when you overswing on nearly every shot - at least all the tee shots and the long fairway shots into the green - you're eventually going to pay the price regardless of how many hours you spend in the gym. 

Suddenly the older guys you know the 45-year-olds are having hips replaced and spine surgery. This is serious stuff and in my view completely stupid and unnecessary at least for the recreational golfer. Golf should be fun. We should be like little puppies out there with our tails going back and forth a mile a minute. You don't have to swing hard to apply significant force to the golf ball. I mean it! But you do have to swing differently. The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is a top down swing (by feel) but is actually more like a tree faller's swing of his axe. You go down at the ball (or cut line) but of course your body is rotating around at the same time (you can only feel one thing occurring at a time) so it's more of a cutting or chopping action and one's hands are far more involved through a levering action. The idea is to deliberately compress the ball (ever-so-slightly) into the ground by hitting down on it - but at the same time the ball is rolling up the face of the club as you rotate your body.

Learning the 'GOOSE' isn't hard as long as you start with the shorter clubs first until you get a feel for it - and then you'll begin to add your own subtleties to make it your own. I produce the DVD tutorials myself because I didn't like the results from two venders I used earlier. I refined the technique I teach over about 7 or 8 years and that's part of the current video.

Again - you don't have to overawing to apply all the force you need to execute any shot on any course. I'm 80 and I can still apply a lot of force to the ball because it's a top down swing and we tend to retain our upper body strength far longer than the lower body (think hips knees legs in general). Summer is here. It's really a great time to learn a new swing that just might allow you to keep playing until you're 80.

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