Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Everyone struggles with putting. Every pro has days when nothing goes in and it seems the maintenance crew has removed the holes. Having developed the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING over several years and having sold DVD tutorials all over the world since 2007 (the age of this blog) I've written a few posts about putting and those were received well. I thought I'd try another pass at writing a post about this business of putting well consistently.

If you're right-handed and you get the basic sense of the MONGOOSE SWING TECHNIQUE which is about separating the hands then your right-hand is used to tap down on the back of the ball (I'll explain what to do with your left-hand in a moment). The late Billy Casper was what they called a tap-putter as opposed to a stroke putter. Tap putting is potentially far more consistent but it requires a certain amount of feel - which tends to make it more difficult to learn. But Casper could roll a 30-foot putt effortlessly with a subtle tap of his right-hand.

So what do you do with the left-hand? The left-hand stays almost in the same spot regardless of how hard you tap down on the back the ball. It's what I call the "stable left-hand" (right-hand if you're left-handed). In other words there's very little if any takeaway of the putter head which Casper said increased the odds for a miss. He just lifted the putter up a bit and tapped as hard as he felt necessary to get the ball to the hole. A little practice and you realize it takes almost nothing to tap a ball 10-12 feet. Again the left-hand just turns a bit to the right as you lift the putter with your right-hand. It doesn't move laterally to the right it just turns a bit and then the right-hand takes over to tap the ball. Again a bit of practice and you'll begin seeing the benefits of this kind of putting. Consistency improves dramatically.

The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING tutorial DVD is truly a golf swing for all ages. By separating your hands to make a grip you hold the club with all five digits on both hands. Those who struggle to wield the driver or fairway clubs will suddenly be able to wield every club in their bag. To ORDER the DVD just click on the BUY NOW button in the right column. The cost is $19.95 with free shipping anywhere in the world. Have a great summer.

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