Monday, June 16, 2014


The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is a top down swing. Why? The first thing to go our the legs. The great Willie Mays said at age 45 that his upper body strength was great "it's my wheels" that gave out and ended his career. I named the new golf swing the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING for a specific reason: the mongoose is faster than the cobra. Why? 
The cobra starts to strike from the bottom. The mongoose strikes from the top. The mongoose wins? The cobra rises about a third of the way down its body length and when it instinctively strikes it must coil upward before it can strike outward. When the mongoose decides to strike it simply links its upper back shoulder and neck muscles and the whole upper body moves outward.

That the upper body strength hangs on longer than the lower body we can see why so many golfers in their 30s have lower back problems. They all tend to overswing and thus over torque their spine and the muscles fastened to it. Swinging hard is also hard on the hip joints which explains the hip replacement surgeries. The sockets are literally worn out. With the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING the legs simply go along for the ride as you can see in the video. You can learn how to apply a great deal of force to the ball without over torquing your spine your hips and knees by simply avoiding the takeaway - which has been the historical nemesis of the golf swing since its early origins. My tutorial shows you how to do a couple of simple things and you're in the exact right place to strike the golf ball as hard as you need to without over stressing your body.

It's summer and so the right time to break in a new swing technique. $19.95 with FREE shipping anywhere in the world. Watch the sample video then order the 'GOOSE' and get started!

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