Tuesday, January 7, 2014


BEFORE I post my comments on the theme “There is more to golf than the golf swing” I want to say this: I’ve reduced by pricing for the first time in 6 years. Why? I have an easier way now to produce the DVDs and because it’s easier it cost me less. I’ve passed those savings on and included another $1.45 to keep the whole purchase under $20. I feel good about 2014 and the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING. There are now people using this golf swing in 49 states (still haven’t sold a tutorial in Hawaii) and all over Europe China India Australia and New Zealand and parts of Africa. Very satisfying to me. 

Golf for the recreational golfer should not be about scoring at all costs. I knew a golfer who carried a 5 handicap and never owned his own clubs. He just used a rental set and went out and played because he loved the grass the trees bordering the fairways the open spaces and putting. “If they took putting away from it I’d quit in a heartbeat” he once said. He many times scored in the low 70s on tough courses with a rental set. Played with them because he didn't want to take the game seriously. Finished his round handed them in and went home. He never tried to outdrive me but did so most of the time because to him it wasn’t about beating me but enjoying my company while playing an outdoors game in the sunshine. He played with a let it rip attitude (something like John Daley). He was good without saying a word about how good he was. He’s dead now. I miss him. I miss his jokes and I miss watching him putt. He was phenomenal. Like Palmer he just went for the hole and if he had a 7 footer coming back he went for it again. Only once did I see him 4 putt in all the times we played. I saw a professional 4 putt twice in one round. Don would tee the ball low and hit it down on it and it would have the same kind of trajectory that I remember with Sam Snead. 

We compete for almost everything in this life and then we go to the golf course and compete some more. I recommend Don’s attitude and his approach to the game. If you like driving the ball then that’s why you play - along with perhaps his other revelations about the wide open spaces the grass tree etc. As for me I simply enjoy executing a good shot. I hit a lot of shots where the ball lands in front of the green and rolls up. I’ve always done better with that approach than trying to hit the wedge close to the pin. 

Finally I highly recommend playing golf with much smaller heads on your driver 3 metal fairway club etc. You develop better hand-eye coordination and you can shape your shots easier. And of course I recommend playing without keeping score. What! That’s right - play without keeping score. We keep score about how we’re doing in life for everything. How much wealth have we accumulated - how much stuff do we have - how much retirement money etc. “My net worth is greater than your net worth” said a presidential candidate. I was flabbergasted. Just play the game as a game. If you’re not being pressed by a foursome behind you - take the extra shot. Take three if you’re not being pushed. Just enjoy the results of a good shot. Then when you go back to work - to whatever it is you do - you can put your spurs back on and dig them into the horses side and compete your brains out.

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