Thursday, January 2, 2014


Every time I see a criticism signed "ANONYMOUS" I realize that person can say what they want and it gets out there in cyberspace and stays ...but often those who don't give their names or email addresses are simply firing from the hip and their criticisms stray from the actual subject. I'm accused of having a messy desk so how in the world could I develop a high-quality golf swing. 

I'm also that "old guy" who "rattles on about the conventional golf swing." I'm not old ...I'm just older. I've played golf for more than 40 years and realized early on there was a lot of problems with "the conventional golf swing" because almost everyone I played with was a slicer. Couldn't hit a predictable shot down the fairway even after playing for decades! The question was what is the basic flaw that the first golfers included in the first golf swing? 

I started work on this swing in the early 1990s after I realized the fatal flaw was the TAKEAWAY and it simply evolved from that - until I eventually produced the first video. Since then I've grafted a few updates to that original - including converting it to digital from analog and that became my tutorial. I realize introducing anything new is going to get some criticism - call it human nature to resist the new. There are physicists who still deny quantum physics. "At best it's a theory." But there is strong evidence that everything we believe is solid is simply bundles of energy with potentialities for this or that. 

Einstein walked around with different colored socks and many students made fun of him - even putting together a wig that had this hair going in all directions. But E=MC2 changed the world. "He smells of smoke and sweat." But what the hell does that have to do with physics and the Theory of Relativity?

“The dude looks like some old guy trying to scam the hackers.” Where is the scam in my presentation or in the intro video I provide for visitors? Anyone who has played but a few rounds of golf realizes they're seeing something new when they watch my intro video. I separate my hands. I lift the club instead of taking it away from the ball. I recommend a person shift their weight slightly to the LEFT (if they're right-handed) instead of to the right. That's pretty much the basics of the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING and you haven't spent a dime. In fact lots of people have tried to avoid buying the tutorial because they thought they could just take these few ideas and run with them.  

But the swing cannot be learned by watching my introductory video picking up a few tips and going to the driving range. Nor can it be learned by “playing with it” (as one negative commentator exclaimed) “for 6 holes” and finding he struggled with the swing to get out of bunkers. Do these people fail to realize that much of the "how to" part of learning the swing is in the tutorial for a reason? I spent a lot of money producing the video and produced it to make some money from my idea. 

The conventional swing says: “the hands should be quiet.” I claim they must be loud and show why in the tutorial. I show the viewer how to lever their upper body to produce more power with less effort. I mean the object is to be able to apply all the power you need to execute a given shot - right? By separating the hands they each get stronger which means people with weak hands can also play the game better because you must be able to wield every club in your bag or leave it out. As we age all of us lose strength and this technique helps compensate for that loss. 

And by the way - with the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING it’s easier getting out of bunkers because what’s really needed is a sort lever - right? and that's exactly what the 'GOOSE' promises to deliver. So ANONYMOUS if you want to debate my swing technique - great. Just give me your email address and we'll open it up to the world. 

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