Wednesday, October 1, 2014


BLOG READERS: I sold a MONGOOSE GOLF SWING TUTORIAL to a man in Florida who had taught the conventional golf swing for more than 25 years. He has some arthritis and yet loves the game enough to give a new swing technique a shot. He watched the tutorial a few times went out and started hitting balls into a net. Then onto the range where he made many adjustments. Then he started playing using the new technique and feel in love with it.

I just got this email from him today. The earlier emails and exchanges are below. What you might also find interesting is how his wife who also played for years and is now playing again using the Mongoose is doing. Ray and I have zero financial affiliation. Let me repeat ZERO financial affiliation. What follows are his words. 

Hi Mark,  Since my last update on the MG swing I did make it to the driving range again.  I started with my wedges and all my shots hit the green and my distance was the same and I'm only swinging at 80% (so the 3/4 swing works just fine as far as power). Sand wedge went 100 yards my middle irons I hit straight and then when I got to my long irons I started hooking them and I thought I was coming over the top but after laying my head cover 1/2 inch from the ball I wasn't coming over the top, I was over-swinging and getting the club too far behind my back shoulder.  I quickly adjusted and went back to the 3/4 swing with my hands about ear height and the ball started going straight.

Felt good. Felt right. And no pain.

My wife was practicing the Mongoose Swing and she was hitting the ball farther, straighter and higher that she has since she started back playing. I on the other hand tend to over analyze the swing.

Played a tough course that is totally bunker lined on all fairways and the greens are surrounded by bunkers.  The course is a slope of 122 at 6,513 yards so it is a good test of golf with little if any room to run the ball on the green so you have to fly the ball on the green.

I left the driver in my trunk and played the 3 wood as you suggested and I was very happy that most of my drives were just as far but straight because if you miss a fairway on this course you will lose at least a shot. The MG chipping saved me 5 shots around the green as it is much more accurate than what is being taught. The putting technique I'm still working on but anytime you change anything in your golf swing or putting swing it may take a little more time.  Some golfers like my wife picked it up right away she is ready to hit the links everyday.

I shot a 76 and I'm very pleased and I know I can score better put I am always happy to break 80.  My wife broke a 100 with a score of 94 and was ready to play another 18.  The main thing right now is that our backs didn't hurt and my hands felt a lot better.

I highly recommend the Mongoose Golf Swing, it will give you better scores with less effort and less injuries. Some students will pick this swing up right away and others like myself that over analyze will take a little longer but it does work.

I don't know where you can get any golf instruction for under $20.00. It is totally a win win for golfers. Any time there is a new idea in the golf swing arena you will get criticism until the person gives the swing a real try and that is what I did.  

Thanks again Mark.  

I'm a MG golfer ...and after all these years.


L M Marchus: [I sent Ray a couple of tips to help him make a few adjustments that he could incorporate immediately since he's a low handicapper and former Pro teacher].

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the information on the wrist and body rotation.

As for how my wife adapted to the Mongoose she watched the tutorial four times to get a feel for it and see if she could get it, and then we went to the range and I went over the Mongoose Swing and showed her how to check for the correct ball position and the pull push method and she just started hitting the ball at a good trajectory and most balls straight. She needed to practice more on her chipping and putting but she did great with the swing so I just didn't say any more about it. I just encourage her, that she is swinging great and keep it up. 

She is a very happy golfer and so am I.


Friday, August 29, 2014



What follows is a series of emails from a man in Florida - now retired - who taught several golf swing techniques over some 25-years. He now has a bit of arthritis and some back issues from over-torquing during several thousand rounds of golf. He purchased the tutorial and began responding to his progress and I thought you might like to read the emails. 


Thanks Mark for all the great tips.  

I was a golf instructor for 25-years and now retired. I have read your blog and studied your swing on the sample video and I believe you have cracked the code. I'm ordering your DVD today and look forward to the PDF until I receive the DVD. 

Thanks again Ray

Thanks Mark for the PDF.  

I will follow your advice. I taught the Jimmy Ballard Swing, Path to Better Golf by Peter Croker, Natural Golf and the Simple Swing. The first Natural Golf we used a split grip (something like the 'Goose'). With my arthritis I'm searching for anything that will ease my pain. I've only played 15 times this year and have had only 1 round in the 70's a 74 on a very tough course the rest of the rounds were 80 to 84 and I use to always score in the 70's and 60's. I will see the doctor next week and see if I need an operation on my hand. I'm like you in your blog I will go down trying my best to overcome any adversity.


Hi Mark, 

I received your video today and my wife and I sure enjoyed it. I went out and practiced hitting into the net and the swing seemed much easier on my back and hands. There is much more power in the swing. After a couple of weeks on the range I'll let you know how I'm doing.  

Thanks again,  


Dear Ray,
You seem to be a straight up person …just telling it like it is. I’d like to do a running commentary on my website about what you’re doing to learn the swing and what you think about it primarily because you've taught the conventional swing for so many years as a pro. I’ve had several other people offer - but none of them sounded like themselves and none of them had your background. They would have sounded like a paid ad to pitch the 'Goose.' I need the commentary to be from inside - and it must be your actual impression - if you get my meaning. 

Any interest?

L M Marchus

Hi Mark,  
Yes, I would be glad to provide a commentary and if there is something you don't like feel free to delete it. I was a golf swing instructor for 25-years plus I was a club fitter, club builder and repaired them as well. I passed my PAT Play Ability Test for the PGA the first time. I only worked as an apprentice for 2-years and went to work for other companies including Club Tech for the LPGA for 2-years. I feel I know quite a lot about the golf swing but we are always trying to learn a better way. What I can tell your other students is that there is more freedom in the MG golf swing than any other swing I have taught. This produces faster club head speed and straighter shots with less effort [which equals I believe] fewer injuries. I'm not bragging and I don't need any accolades I've already received them. I'm retired and at 66 in good health and enjoy life. Showing the shots in the air (in your video) was excellent - you hit the ball really nice. I will keep a journal of my progress and I will send it to you from time-to-time. 


PS - this is great for the women as you know.

Hi Mark,  
After 3 weeks now of watching the Mongoose Golf Swing every day and chipping and pitching the ball I wanted to give you an update on how the swing is going. After I received the tutorial I went out and hit balls into my net in the back yard and I could feel the power in the swing right away with the levering and contracting of the muscles on the right side.

After retiring from teaching golf for 25-years I know a little bit about the golf swing. I wanted to make a change in my golf swing because after playing for 58-years my body was falling apart from all the body rotation. I also wanted a swing that didn't depend on rhythm.

Everything you say in the Video is the absolute truth. The back swing (from the old swing) is confusing and many golfers never learn it. Now that is eliminated in the Mongoose Swing. How to find your correct ball position can save a golfer so many strokes and Bobby Jones thought this was the most important thing in the golf swing.

As a student now of the Mongoose Swing, I took your advice and first wielded the clubs while waiting for the DVD. Watching the DVD and practicing chipping for a week and the ball goes straight where you aim it.

The second week I started pitching the ball and hitting the low runner from waist high to waist high. It is really hard to miss a shot this way. I'm not swinging 100% only 50%. I plan on scoring in the 60's and low 70's again so I am in no hurry to rush learning this swing in its purest form.

The 3rd week I'm back in the net making full swings at 60%, repeating the swing in my mind as I visualize it from the DVD. I will be going to the range this week to test out - but I feel very confident in it.

The next commentary I post will be on what I feel as I'm executing the Mongoose Swing and what keys I use to strike the ball solid. Plus I'll provide an update on how I did at the range and maybe the course as it is getting cooler here in Florida. Oh, yes, one big secret that Mark tells everyone is the swing feels like a hockey stick swing. And that's the truth.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Why is it critical to a good result of a golf swing to hit down on the golf ball? Here's the answer - you apply more force to the ball than when you sweep the ball or hit up into it. Key to striking the golf ball is to not only hit down but also have the hand at the top of the grip leading all the way through contact and up into the finish. If you're right-handed your right hand must lead the left hand all the way through impact and up into the finish. The so-called "release" will occur naturally.

Okay what actually happens when we execute a shot like this? What happens is we produce a swing that drives the golf ball down into the ground - just enough to cause it to rotate counter clockwise if we were watching the swing from the side. The spin is coming back at us and this causes the ball to rise but in a certain trajectory. The best ball flight I've ever seen in observing the game for more than 65 years is that of Sam Snead. His drives would start out very low to the ground and then rise up and then the ball would just drop on the fairway and continue to roll. Why? The spin would reverse upon hitting the ground and this causes the ball to roll. Nicklaus's ball flight would take off high and stay high and long and then drop and he wouldn't get near the roll but because of his strength his drives were slightly longer. Snead won the most tournaments of anyone in golf history. 

Again to get the most out of a golf shot hit down on the ball and help your right-hand forward all the way through into the finish. With the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING the ability to keep the hand at the top of the grip in front of the hit to the ball is set before you lift the club into position. My tutorial shows in detail how to hit down on the golf ball. It shows in detail how to use your feet. It shows in detail how to hold your hands. Summer is still a thing of beauty. Order the tutorial and quickly lower your scores. I mean isn't that the object of the game? Just click on the Order Now button and follow the instructions. You don't need a PayPal account to use their online banking services. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014


The killer of the golf swing since people played on cow pastures in Scotland 400 years ago is the TAKEAWAY. The second ...the very second the very moment you right-handers move to the right you've created a BIG PROBLEM: How to get back to the spot where you can apply power to the golf ball. Hmm. We all know we're pretty much powerless even if our weight is barely on the inside of our right leg.

Of course getting to that spot that position where we can apply power to the golf ball is what they call "rhythm" right? This business of rhythm produces a variable ...a gray scale of spots or positions open to the golfer as he or she tries to get back to that spot or position necessary to apply power to the golf ball. 

Now if on the way back to some alleged spot or position we begin thinking we're a little late or a little early we think we have to accelerate the club head or decelerating it right? Most of the time the average golfer ends up sweeping the shot or cutting across the golf ball while decelerating and wondering what the hell happened.

That spot or position that allows us to apply the most power to the golf ball - that produces the best accuracy (assuming our alignment is okay) is to have one's weight on the inside of our LEFT leg (if we're right-handed). So getting from here to there leaves us this scale of possibilities thanks to the takeaway and remains our nemesis for life.

The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING eliminates the takeaway forever. GONE! And [it immediately positions you] in the correct spot of position to apply all the power you need to executer a shot. How? Instead of taking the club away simply lift it into position the correct position as a matter a fact. And all you have to do is move a tiny bit of your weight to the LEFT side (if you're right-handed) to that spot or position where you're going to be able to really put some force into the shot AS YOU'RE LIFTING THE CLUB INTO POSITION. One action and you're all set up. 

This allows you to strike DOWN on the back of the ball instead of sweeping the shot which kills distance accuracy and enjoyment. My tutorial has sold all over the world and I need to post some current testimonials - which I'll do next week. But here's a taste from Joe in New Zealand ..."It took me a while to get the hang of it ...but here I am at 62 driving the ball farther than I ever did before. I keep amazing myself. You should have heard from Willy he's my playing mate and he said he was going to order the video. Thanks Marchus for putting this together. Joe ..." And this from Jane in Florida. "I play in a foursome every week and rarely broke 100. Last week I shot an 83 and the week before an 82. The pro here asked what I was doing. I told him about the Mongoose. He said he'd never heard of it. I took lessons from him for more than 5 years. I've only been at this for three or four months. Just a thrill to score better. Jane ..."

If you want to dump the takeaway and lower your scores - you should give the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING a try. To ORDER just click on the "add to cart" button and you'll be taken to PayPal. You don't need to be set up with them to use this online bank. I pay the charges. The DVD is only $19.95 and includes FREE shipping anywhere in the world. Have a great summer.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Everyone struggles with putting. Every pro has days when nothing goes in and it seems the maintenance crew has removed the holes. Having developed the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING over several years and having sold DVD tutorials all over the world since 2007 (the age of this blog) I've written a few posts about putting and those were received well. I thought I'd try another pass at writing a post about this business of putting well consistently.

If you're right-handed and you get the basic sense of the MONGOOSE SWING TECHNIQUE which is about separating the hands then your right-hand is used to tap down on the back of the ball (I'll explain what to do with your left-hand in a moment). The late Billy Casper was what they called a tap-putter as opposed to a stroke putter. Tap putting is potentially far more consistent but it requires a certain amount of feel - which tends to make it more difficult to learn. But Casper could roll a 30-foot putt effortlessly with a subtle tap of his right-hand.

So what do you do with the left-hand? The left-hand stays almost in the same spot regardless of how hard you tap down on the back the ball. It's what I call the "stable left-hand" (right-hand if you're left-handed). In other words there's very little if any takeaway of the putter head which Casper said increased the odds for a miss. He just lifted the putter up a bit and tapped as hard as he felt necessary to get the ball to the hole. A little practice and you realize it takes almost nothing to tap a ball 10-12 feet. Again the left-hand just turns a bit to the right as you lift the putter with your right-hand. It doesn't move laterally to the right it just turns a bit and then the right-hand takes over to tap the ball. Again a bit of practice and you'll begin seeing the benefits of this kind of putting. Consistency improves dramatically.

The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING tutorial DVD is truly a golf swing for all ages. By separating your hands to make a grip you hold the club with all five digits on both hands. Those who struggle to wield the driver or fairway clubs will suddenly be able to wield every club in their bag. To ORDER the DVD just click on the BUY NOW button in the right column. The cost is $19.95 with free shipping anywhere in the world. Have a great summer.

Monday, June 16, 2014


The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is a top down swing. Why? The first thing to go our the legs. The great Willie Mays said at age 45 that his upper body strength was great "it's my wheels" that gave out and ended his career. I named the new golf swing the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING for a specific reason: the mongoose is faster than the cobra. Why? 
The cobra starts to strike from the bottom. The mongoose strikes from the top. The mongoose wins? The cobra rises about a third of the way down its body length and when it instinctively strikes it must coil upward before it can strike outward. When the mongoose decides to strike it simply links its upper back shoulder and neck muscles and the whole upper body moves outward.

That the upper body strength hangs on longer than the lower body we can see why so many golfers in their 30s have lower back problems. They all tend to overswing and thus over torque their spine and the muscles fastened to it. Swinging hard is also hard on the hip joints which explains the hip replacement surgeries. The sockets are literally worn out. With the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING the legs simply go along for the ride as you can see in the video. You can learn how to apply a great deal of force to the ball without over torquing your spine your hips and knees by simply avoiding the takeaway - which has been the historical nemesis of the golf swing since its early origins. My tutorial shows you how to do a couple of simple things and you're in the exact right place to strike the golf ball as hard as you need to without over stressing your body.

It's summer and so the right time to break in a new swing technique. $19.95 with FREE shipping anywhere in the world. Watch the sample video then order the 'GOOSE' and get started!

Thursday, June 5, 2014


The PGA posted a list of players with back problems - most of them still young men such as Woods. Watching them has become painful to me. They keep making the course longer and the players are looking more like gym rats weight pushers treadmill junkies than people just playing a game. But I see this in basketball and baseball where most of the players were lean and mean until about 10 years ago. 

Now we read of steroid Steve crashing another home run and having it removed from the books once they find the corked bat. I can't keep up with the number of suspensions for drug abuse - mostly steroids or other "enhancers."

Everybody is trying to get longer and the equipment manufacturers are making clubs with extra long shafts and heads big enough to drive pilings into the ground. I have always favored a small head on my woods and the same for my irons. Small is beautiful as far as I'm concerned. With smaller heads your swing gets refined via hand-eye coordination. But when you overswing on nearly every shot - at least all the tee shots and the long fairway shots into the green - you're eventually going to pay the price regardless of how many hours you spend in the gym. 

Suddenly the older guys you know the 45-year-olds are having hips replaced and spine surgery. This is serious stuff and in my view completely stupid and unnecessary at least for the recreational golfer. Golf should be fun. We should be like little puppies out there with our tails going back and forth a mile a minute. You don't have to swing hard to apply significant force to the golf ball. I mean it! But you do have to swing differently. The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is a top down swing (by feel) but is actually more like a tree faller's swing of his axe. You go down at the ball (or cut line) but of course your body is rotating around at the same time (you can only feel one thing occurring at a time) so it's more of a cutting or chopping action and one's hands are far more involved through a levering action. The idea is to deliberately compress the ball (ever-so-slightly) into the ground by hitting down on it - but at the same time the ball is rolling up the face of the club as you rotate your body.

Learning the 'GOOSE' isn't hard as long as you start with the shorter clubs first until you get a feel for it - and then you'll begin to add your own subtleties to make it your own. I produce the DVD tutorials myself because I didn't like the results from two venders I used earlier. I refined the technique I teach over about 7 or 8 years and that's part of the current video.

Again - you don't have to overawing to apply all the force you need to execute any shot on any course. I'm 80 and I can still apply a lot of force to the ball because it's a top down swing and we tend to retain our upper body strength far longer than the lower body (think hips knees legs in general). Summer is here. It's really a great time to learn a new swing that just might allow you to keep playing until you're 80.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


I advocate striking down on the back of the golf ball on EVERY SHOT except a bunker shot (I’ve covered this in several posts - see Archives below). The intention is to slightly compress the ball by forcing it into the ground (always at an angle - we’re not hammering here). This produces a unique sound & keeps the ball flight lower & thus you don’t have to over torque your body to put plenty of force on the ball to get good distance and better accuracy. This technique of striking the ball generates far more confidence that you can execute a shot. Obviously you have to think about sand differently since it’s soft & if you strike down on the back of the golf ball it will simply bury it deeper in the bunker or go squirting off in some unknown direction. 

So we have all kinds of sand even wet sand. What to do? If the sand is fluffy & dry you can cut across the ball diagonally & by hitting down but with a shallow angle on the club a few inches in front of the ball you can drive the club under the ball and lift it out of the bunker & with the right touch get it fairly close to the hole (I’ll get into wet sand below). The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is a lever-swing and involves the hands substantially more than the conventional swing at the point of contact. By learning to lever the lower hand and using your left hand as a fulcrum point (think teeter totter) you can amplify the force with little effort. 

Place the ball in the center of your stance (I know the pros do it differently). Visualize your wedge bottoming out just under the ball (as if you’re [scooping] the ball out of the sand) while driving your right hand throw & up as you pull back with your left hand. The action is confined to a much smaller area than taught by those teaching conventional bunker play. You apply a great deal of force by using this levering approach with your hands as opposed to the big wide arc blast that is so common. Don’t try to cut across the ball. Why? Because the tendency is to go too deep into the sand in order to get below the ball. Separate your hands with your right hand below the left (if you’re right-handed) and practice lifting the club straight up as opposed to the typical takeaway (it doesn’t go straight up but that’s the sensation we're after - when deliberately confining the swing plane) and dropping the club head in back of the ball while pushing with your right hand through and up into a finish [while at the same time] pulling back with your left hand (don’t exaggerate this action - not necessary - just practice levering and visualize your hands producing the levering action). Hockey players lever their shot because they’re on slippery ice & have no other means of leveraging their body. Nothing firm to stand on. Start by trying to drop the club behind and under [pennies] placed on an “old” carpet. When they hitting them starts sounding like gun shots you’re on your way.

If the sand is wet (as it gets if you play in the rain) or if the bunkers have been watered (either on purpose or through drainage) but you have a good lie (which you normally do because the sand has impacted or hardened) and you don’t have to lift the ball too much - then do the same thing but with an 8 iron or 9 iron so you can make more contact with the ball FIRST. Allow for these club heads by not overswinging at the ball. Do not hit even an inch in back of the ball in wet sand. And just try to get the ball on the green - don’t try to sink the shot - you’ll have no concentration left for just making good contact with the ball. 

For long bunker shots without obstruction (such as a high bunker lip) use a 5 iron if you think you need a 4 iron. When I’m in a bunker I’m more interested in making good contact with the ball than how far I think I can hit it. I always grip down a bit (maybe an inch) to heighten my grip strength. Concentrate on the ball with your eyes and make solid contact and let the rest take care of itself. I imagine the golf ball is the size of a tennis ball. It seems to help over the last 60-years or so.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


BEFORE I post my comments on the theme “There is more to golf than the golf swing” I want to say this: I’ve reduced by pricing for the first time in 6 years. Why? I have an easier way now to produce the DVDs and because it’s easier it cost me less. I’ve passed those savings on and included another $1.45 to keep the whole purchase under $20. I feel good about 2014 and the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING. There are now people using this golf swing in 49 states (still haven’t sold a tutorial in Hawaii) and all over Europe China India Australia and New Zealand and parts of Africa. Very satisfying to me. 

Golf for the recreational golfer should not be about scoring at all costs. I knew a golfer who carried a 5 handicap and never owned his own clubs. He just used a rental set and went out and played because he loved the grass the trees bordering the fairways the open spaces and putting. “If they took putting away from it I’d quit in a heartbeat” he once said. He many times scored in the low 70s on tough courses with a rental set. Played with them because he didn't want to take the game seriously. Finished his round handed them in and went home. He never tried to outdrive me but did so most of the time because to him it wasn’t about beating me but enjoying my company while playing an outdoors game in the sunshine. He played with a let it rip attitude (something like John Daley). He was good without saying a word about how good he was. He’s dead now. I miss him. I miss his jokes and I miss watching him putt. He was phenomenal. Like Palmer he just went for the hole and if he had a 7 footer coming back he went for it again. Only once did I see him 4 putt in all the times we played. I saw a professional 4 putt twice in one round. Don would tee the ball low and hit it down on it and it would have the same kind of trajectory that I remember with Sam Snead. 

We compete for almost everything in this life and then we go to the golf course and compete some more. I recommend Don’s attitude and his approach to the game. If you like driving the ball then that’s why you play - along with perhaps his other revelations about the wide open spaces the grass tree etc. As for me I simply enjoy executing a good shot. I hit a lot of shots where the ball lands in front of the green and rolls up. I’ve always done better with that approach than trying to hit the wedge close to the pin. 

Finally I highly recommend playing golf with much smaller heads on your driver 3 metal fairway club etc. You develop better hand-eye coordination and you can shape your shots easier. And of course I recommend playing without keeping score. What! That’s right - play without keeping score. We keep score about how we’re doing in life for everything. How much wealth have we accumulated - how much stuff do we have - how much retirement money etc. “My net worth is greater than your net worth” said a presidential candidate. I was flabbergasted. Just play the game as a game. If you’re not being pressed by a foursome behind you - take the extra shot. Take three if you’re not being pushed. Just enjoy the results of a good shot. Then when you go back to work - to whatever it is you do - you can put your spurs back on and dig them into the horses side and compete your brains out.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Every time I see a criticism signed "ANONYMOUS" I realize that person can say what they want and it gets out there in cyberspace and stays ...but often those who don't give their names or email addresses are simply firing from the hip and their criticisms stray from the actual subject. I'm accused of having a messy desk so how in the world could I develop a high-quality golf swing. 

I'm also that "old guy" who "rattles on about the conventional golf swing." I'm not old ...I'm just older. I've played golf for more than 40 years and realized early on there was a lot of problems with "the conventional golf swing" because almost everyone I played with was a slicer. Couldn't hit a predictable shot down the fairway even after playing for decades! The question was what is the basic flaw that the first golfers included in the first golf swing? 

I started work on this swing in the early 1990s after I realized the fatal flaw was the TAKEAWAY and it simply evolved from that - until I eventually produced the first video. Since then I've grafted a few updates to that original - including converting it to digital from analog and that became my tutorial. I realize introducing anything new is going to get some criticism - call it human nature to resist the new. There are physicists who still deny quantum physics. "At best it's a theory." But there is strong evidence that everything we believe is solid is simply bundles of energy with potentialities for this or that. 

Einstein walked around with different colored socks and many students made fun of him - even putting together a wig that had this hair going in all directions. But E=MC2 changed the world. "He smells of smoke and sweat." But what the hell does that have to do with physics and the Theory of Relativity?

“The dude looks like some old guy trying to scam the hackers.” Where is the scam in my presentation or in the intro video I provide for visitors? Anyone who has played but a few rounds of golf realizes they're seeing something new when they watch my intro video. I separate my hands. I lift the club instead of taking it away from the ball. I recommend a person shift their weight slightly to the LEFT (if they're right-handed) instead of to the right. That's pretty much the basics of the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING and you haven't spent a dime. In fact lots of people have tried to avoid buying the tutorial because they thought they could just take these few ideas and run with them.  

But the swing cannot be learned by watching my introductory video picking up a few tips and going to the driving range. Nor can it be learned by “playing with it” (as one negative commentator exclaimed) “for 6 holes” and finding he struggled with the swing to get out of bunkers. Do these people fail to realize that much of the "how to" part of learning the swing is in the tutorial for a reason? I spent a lot of money producing the video and produced it to make some money from my idea. 

The conventional swing says: “the hands should be quiet.” I claim they must be loud and show why in the tutorial. I show the viewer how to lever their upper body to produce more power with less effort. I mean the object is to be able to apply all the power you need to execute a given shot - right? By separating the hands they each get stronger which means people with weak hands can also play the game better because you must be able to wield every club in your bag or leave it out. As we age all of us lose strength and this technique helps compensate for that loss. 

And by the way - with the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING it’s easier getting out of bunkers because what’s really needed is a sort lever - right? and that's exactly what the 'GOOSE' promises to deliver. So ANONYMOUS if you want to debate my swing technique - great. Just give me your email address and we'll open it up to the world.