Monday, December 30, 2013


MARY Queen of Scots was damn near 6 feet tall and rode a horse like a man. Walk up to some guy and knock him out with her fists. She loved GOLF. She ended up getting beheaded by Liz the First. She only got to 45. But golf is old. Basketball football baseball they’re all new by comparison. For some 450 years people have rocked over to the right - the infamous TAKEAWAY - and then rocked back over to the left (at least for the right handers) and tried to swat the ball down the cow pasture. People dressed to play golf as if they were going to attend a formal meeting or have dinner at some posh restaurant. Mary took it seriously when she lost. Avoiding eye-contact was suggested.

When a sport is new all sorts of flaws become part of how people are taught to play the game. In every sport basketball football baseball the players have bad mechanics or some other biophysical flaw that prevents them from being their best. The TAKEAWAY is the living monster from the very beginning of the game of golf.

The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING which I developed over three years eliminates that fatal flaw in the golf swing. I can’t keep track of all the pros who have back problems from the CONVENTIONAL GOLF SWING. They have chiropracters that follow the tour. Give the golfers adjustments before and after playing. Doesn’t that seem slightly askew for how it should be? To me it’s just stupid to play a game with a fatal flaw built into every swing. The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is top down swing that sets you up to apply all the power you need for a given shot. You don’t have to over-swing to put some distance on a shot so it’s significantly more accurate. You can play more within yourself even if you're not the biggest guy on the course.

I’m nearing 80 and can still hit a drive 275 (250 plus on average) with this swing. I don’t hurt my back or knees or torque my spine so bad I need a chiropractor. Think about it. For a few bucks (I’ve held my price because it’s more than worth it) you can learn how to get rid of the historic fatal flaw in the golf swing and maybe get to play a few more years without pain.

To purchase a DVD of the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING TUTORIAL just click on the buy button in the right hand column. You don’t need an account with PAYPAL to use their services. Just provide your credit card info and as soon as I get notification i’ll mail you a DVD and a PDF of some tips that I’ve added over the years about putting bunker play etc.

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