Sunday, August 18, 2013


You head for the course. No time to hit a bucket. Head for the first tee. Crack. Slice. Bad start. Try something else. Find a place where you can just swing a club back and forth. When you grip the club separate your hands. Right handers have your right hand at the bottom of the grip. Left hand at the top (lefties reverse this). Just take the club up to about hip high. Swing through slowly. No I said SLOWLY. Ballet. Slow. Up and through. Up and through. Like a swing moving in slow motion. 

MAKE CERTAIN all your fingers are holding the club. 8 fingers and 2 thumbs. Right? 8 fingers 2 thumbs. Up and through. Slowly. What's happening here? People all over the world work with their hands. Some people do extremely complex subtle highly sensitive things with their hands. The hand-brain cooperation is everything in many occupations. Surgery for example. How about brain surgery. Everything is magnified for the surgeon - BLOWN UP - and it still takes a lot of concentration and feel. Key word here for golfing is FEEL. 

I CLAIM many pros lose tournaments because they have two bad rounds. Why the bad rounds? The brain and hands simply aren't on the same page. So they tend to under swing and then over swing. Slice draw hook and suddenly they're playing out of the rough. First hole bogey or double bogey and from that point on they're trying to save the round. Right? 

This simply exercise will save a lot of strokes. I've recommended this to dozens of golfers. Many have called me and said it really works. Amazing. The fingers have tens of thousands of nerve cells that send info to the brain. This is not rockery science just simple logic and a bit of experience. Try it out.

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