Saturday, July 20, 2013


The object of golf is to have the lowest score possible. But the easiest way to improve your scores is by becoming a better PUTTER. Let's break down the physical part of putting to this: 1) Alignment. 2) The takeaway. 3) Hitting through the ball. Most golfers DO NOT KNOW HOW to align themselves and their stroke to make the most accurate putt. Most golfers including most pros leave most putts short. 

Now let's shift to the thinking part of putting. 1) Reading the break. 2) Calculating how hard to strike the ball. 3) Executing those decisions consistently. It's not hard to see that everyone of these parts can go wrong (and do go wrong). 

Let's take a look at Billy Casper (an old pro who really understood putting). He was called a "tap putter." He took the putter back a short distance and tapped the ball firmly. Even on short putts. This technique offers several benefits. 1) the farther back you take the club the easier it becomes to hit the ball off line. And the farther back you take the club the more likely you'll decelerate right at the ball. Casper accelerated the putter at the ball. 2) By reducing the amount of the takeaway you begin to get a more consistently accurate alignment. Casper practiced taking as much of the break out of a putt as possible. Ideally you hit every putt straight. If you try to die the ball at the hole and you have a lot of break you're not going to make many of those putts. 

THE SECRET: 1) Reduce the amount of takeaway. 2) Read the break and reduce it with the plan that you're going to hit the ball more firmly. 3) Tap the ball firmly. 

Epilogue: I recommend you don't worry so much about hitting PAST the hole. By reducing the break and hitting the ball more firmly you're going to make more putts. If there's a 3 putt in there from time to time that's okay. 

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