Friday, June 28, 2013


The second you remove one finger from the golf club your grip becomes weaker. The Vardon is the classic grip that has captured most golfers. Variations of the grip include interlocking little fingers and a placing of the thumb flat on the shaft. The most powerful digit you have on your hands is your thumb. The thumb and forefinger can apply a very strong pinching force to your grip. Go ahead line up 10,000 pros that say they don't lose their grip even when they really put force into a swing. You know better. 
Every tournament I've seen not one or two but numerous players lose their grip on the golf club. This always produces an errant shot. Always. Sometimes depending on where in the swing they lose their grip they get away with it. But it always costs.

I'm this old guy (79 years old) who puts a lot of force into certain swings (out of necessity) and I never lose my grip. Never! By separating your hands and using all 5 digits on each of them you can begin to wield the golf club in such a way that no matter how hard you swing you'll never lose your grip. 

It's summer. Try the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING. To ORDER simply click on the BUY button in the right column. It takes you to PayPal and you don't even need an account to use their banking services. As soon as I get confirmation from PayPal I ship the ARRRH DVD. 

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  1. I hit a few balls in the net with the Moongoose swing that you showed on the intro and the swing felt really good. I know there is more in the completed video. I hit one ball on the course that went only about 5 feet off the ground but 25 yards longer than normal when I struck the ball above the equator. I will go to the range and see what happens. We need an easier swing so golfer's will play more and stop quiting the game. After teaching golf for 25 years I'm always looking for better ways to teach golf. Thank you. RH