Monday, December 30, 2013


MARY Queen of Scots was damn near 6 feet tall and rode a horse like a man. Walk up to some guy and knock him out with her fists. She loved GOLF. She ended up getting beheaded by Liz the First. She only got to 45. But golf is old. Basketball football baseball they’re all new by comparison. For some 450 years people have rocked over to the right - the infamous TAKEAWAY - and then rocked back over to the left (at least for the right handers) and tried to swat the ball down the cow pasture. People dressed to play golf as if they were going to attend a formal meeting or have dinner at some posh restaurant. Mary took it seriously when she lost. Avoiding eye-contact was suggested.

When a sport is new all sorts of flaws become part of how people are taught to play the game. In every sport basketball football baseball the players have bad mechanics or some other biophysical flaw that prevents them from being their best. The TAKEAWAY is the living monster from the very beginning of the game of golf.

The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING which I developed over three years eliminates that fatal flaw in the golf swing. I can’t keep track of all the pros who have back problems from the CONVENTIONAL GOLF SWING. They have chiropracters that follow the tour. Give the golfers adjustments before and after playing. Doesn’t that seem slightly askew for how it should be? To me it’s just stupid to play a game with a fatal flaw built into every swing. The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is top down swing that sets you up to apply all the power you need for a given shot. You don’t have to over-swing to put some distance on a shot so it’s significantly more accurate. You can play more within yourself even if you're not the biggest guy on the course.

I’m nearing 80 and can still hit a drive 275 (250 plus on average) with this swing. I don’t hurt my back or knees or torque my spine so bad I need a chiropractor. Think about it. For a few bucks (I’ve held my price because it’s more than worth it) you can learn how to get rid of the historic fatal flaw in the golf swing and maybe get to play a few more years without pain.

To purchase a DVD of the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING TUTORIAL just click on the buy button in the right hand column. You don’t need an account with PAYPAL to use their services. Just provide your credit card info and as soon as I get notification i’ll mail you a DVD and a PDF of some tips that I’ve added over the years about putting bunker play etc.

Friday, October 4, 2013


The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is about hitting DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN on the golf ball. DOWN is the key word. Why is this so difficult? The problem is how our eyes react to roundness - to hitting down on something ROUND. The brain says "WHERE" do I hit it? I want you to imagine the golf ball as FLAT. Tbe brain doesn't know if it's ROUND or FLAT. Recall that only recently man learned the earth was round. Went from FLAT to ROUND overnight (ole Gallileo and his telescipe huh?). 

FLAT. The ball is FLAT. FLAT FLAT FLAT FLAT FLAT as a pancake. FLAT as the deck of aircraft carrier. FLAT as an ironing board. FLAT. See the golf ball is flat. 

Now I'm telling you to imagine a line drawn a third of the way across the flat surface - (measure from the right if right-handed - from the left if left-handed). See it? Make the line thick (an 1/8 of an inch is fine) so you can't miss it. I mean you're just imagining it right? 

NOW that you've deceived your own brain - the sky's the limit. You see when you hit DOWN on a golf ball - you know the FLAT one lying there in front of your feet - the ball goes UP into the sky. How that happens is for another post.


Sunday, August 18, 2013


You head for the course. No time to hit a bucket. Head for the first tee. Crack. Slice. Bad start. Try something else. Find a place where you can just swing a club back and forth. When you grip the club separate your hands. Right handers have your right hand at the bottom of the grip. Left hand at the top (lefties reverse this). Just take the club up to about hip high. Swing through slowly. No I said SLOWLY. Ballet. Slow. Up and through. Up and through. Like a swing moving in slow motion. 

MAKE CERTAIN all your fingers are holding the club. 8 fingers and 2 thumbs. Right? 8 fingers 2 thumbs. Up and through. Slowly. What's happening here? People all over the world work with their hands. Some people do extremely complex subtle highly sensitive things with their hands. The hand-brain cooperation is everything in many occupations. Surgery for example. How about brain surgery. Everything is magnified for the surgeon - BLOWN UP - and it still takes a lot of concentration and feel. Key word here for golfing is FEEL. 

I CLAIM many pros lose tournaments because they have two bad rounds. Why the bad rounds? The brain and hands simply aren't on the same page. So they tend to under swing and then over swing. Slice draw hook and suddenly they're playing out of the rough. First hole bogey or double bogey and from that point on they're trying to save the round. Right? 

This simply exercise will save a lot of strokes. I've recommended this to dozens of golfers. Many have called me and said it really works. Amazing. The fingers have tens of thousands of nerve cells that send info to the brain. This is not rockery science just simple logic and a bit of experience. Try it out.

In the meantime you should learn the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING. To ORDER the DVD TUTORIAL just click on the BUY button the right column. PayPal doesn't require anyone to have an account with them to use their online banking services. Just go to their site and fill out the numbers and bingo they let me know and I ship a DVD. Good luck. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013


The object of golf is to have the lowest score possible. But the easiest way to improve your scores is by becoming a better PUTTER. Let's break down the physical part of putting to this: 1) Alignment. 2) The takeaway. 3) Hitting through the ball. Most golfers DO NOT KNOW HOW to align themselves and their stroke to make the most accurate putt. Most golfers including most pros leave most putts short. 

Now let's shift to the thinking part of putting. 1) Reading the break. 2) Calculating how hard to strike the ball. 3) Executing those decisions consistently. It's not hard to see that everyone of these parts can go wrong (and do go wrong). 

Let's take a look at Billy Casper (an old pro who really understood putting). He was called a "tap putter." He took the putter back a short distance and tapped the ball firmly. Even on short putts. This technique offers several benefits. 1) the farther back you take the club the easier it becomes to hit the ball off line. And the farther back you take the club the more likely you'll decelerate right at the ball. Casper accelerated the putter at the ball. 2) By reducing the amount of the takeaway you begin to get a more consistently accurate alignment. Casper practiced taking as much of the break out of a putt as possible. Ideally you hit every putt straight. If you try to die the ball at the hole and you have a lot of break you're not going to make many of those putts. 

THE SECRET: 1) Reduce the amount of takeaway. 2) Read the break and reduce it with the plan that you're going to hit the ball more firmly. 3) Tap the ball firmly. 

Epilogue: I recommend you don't worry so much about hitting PAST the hole. By reducing the break and hitting the ball more firmly you're going to make more putts. If there's a 3 putt in there from time to time that's okay. 

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Friday, June 28, 2013


The second you remove one finger from the golf club your grip becomes weaker. The Vardon is the classic grip that has captured most golfers. Variations of the grip include interlocking little fingers and a placing of the thumb flat on the shaft. The most powerful digit you have on your hands is your thumb. The thumb and forefinger can apply a very strong pinching force to your grip. Go ahead line up 10,000 pros that say they don't lose their grip even when they really put force into a swing. You know better. 
Every tournament I've seen not one or two but numerous players lose their grip on the golf club. This always produces an errant shot. Always. Sometimes depending on where in the swing they lose their grip they get away with it. But it always costs.

I'm this old guy (79 years old) who puts a lot of force into certain swings (out of necessity) and I never lose my grip. Never! By separating your hands and using all 5 digits on each of them you can begin to wield the golf club in such a way that no matter how hard you swing you'll never lose your grip. 

It's summer. Try the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING. To ORDER simply click on the BUY button in the right column. It takes you to PayPal and you don't even need an account to use their banking services. As soon as I get confirmation from PayPal I ship the ARRRH DVD. 

Monday, March 4, 2013


Striking down on the ball is easier said then done to the average golfer. The tendency is to chop at the ball. Gouge the ground. Feel like a fool. Not necessary. The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING video tutorial shows you how to execute a top-down swing with your hands separated exactly as the tree-fallers in the picture above.

Benefits. The average swing has lost most of its power by the time the club head gets to the ball. Why? The golfer tries to sweep the ball off the ground or tee. You turn a 6 iron into an 8 iron sweeping the ball. Sweeping a ball off the ground or tee makes it hard to control direction. Driver becomes 5 wood. 

The tree-faller levers his upper body toward the tree while at the same time bringing the axehead into the tree at full force. How? Hand-action. The top hand (both with the axeman and the swordsman) applies force AT IMPACT. They start the axe toward the tree relatively slowly - almost nonchalantly - but the axehead is picks up speed as it moves through space because they slide the top hand down to meet up with the lower hand at impact. THWACK! That sound is made by a deliberate upper hand hand action at impact. 

With the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING video tutorial - you learn to apply similar power with a golf club. Right handers power through with their right hand pushing as their left hand pulls back slightly. An instant lever is created with this simply concept. “Give me a lever big enough and I’ll move the earth” said Archimedes. 

If you’re interested in buying the tutorial - the instructions costs means etc are in the far right column.