Saturday, December 15, 2012


When I first began developing the MONGOOSE SWING I was trying to find a way to apply more power to the ball with less effort. Everyone who plays the game - including the majority of pros - over-swing.The whole history of man - including 3,000 years of philosophy - is all about gaining power. Conquests. Invasions. Inventing gods and goddesses. Canons and guns and dynamite and atom bombs - all about more power. “God is on the side of the army with the most cannons” said Napoleon. In other words - the most power. When Zhukov led the Russian army into Germany - at the Battle of Berlin he commanded 6,000 tanks and 7,500 aircraft and more than 40,000 pieces of artillery. You get the picture.

As I written again and again - I saw the power generated by the Mongoose when it attacks a cobra (or some prey) and takes it to the ground. Always seemingly knowing that when they both hit the ground - its teeth would embed in the prey and the battle was over. The average golfer hasn’t a clue about how to use the ground to facilitate a shot. To put more power into it.

I watched movies of samurai swordsmen - with their hands separated just so - wielding enormous power right at the point of contact with the other combatant. I learned the same thing while working in the woods and watching expert loggers get after a tree (some of them 6 feet across). The top hand slides down as the axe is moving toward the cut area - and right at impact there's a pushing and pulling action that slams the axe head into the tree. But how to get that all into the golf swing remained a mystery for many years. 

The secret is to separate your hands - as you see clearly with the samurai above. The grip is dramatically firmer. Only instead of going straight down (as seen above) - you rotate your hands about 45 degrees to the right (to the left for lefties) and rotate your body down and around. The MONGOOSE SWING is a top down swing - much like the logger’s action when swinging the axe hard - because you want to use your hands and arms and the entire upper right side of your body as a lever to the club into the golf ball. By striking the ball first while still descending downward - you end up using the ground to bite the ball with the club. The amount you separate your hands for each club I discuss my video. 

The result is being able to apply a lot of power to the ball with much less effort. With the MONGOOSE SWING - the legs pretty much go along for the ride - which makes it easier on the back - legs - knees etc. It’s taken a long time to get it right. But here I am 78 and I can still put a lot of force into the ball with my swing. If you’re interested in giving it a try - simply follow the instructions in the right column about how to get your hands on my video. Thanks.