Monday, November 5, 2012


The secret of learning the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is to go slow. I explain in detail in an email PDF to all buyers exactly how to go about it. To try and rush into a full swing while employing some of this technique combined with all the old muscle memory is a recipe for disaster. YOU’LL NEVER LEARN THIS SWING IF YOU HURRY. 

If you’ve played golf with the conventional swing for several years - you have muscle memory of all those years. You can’t simply watch a video a few times and then go break 80. Start with the grip. Sit in a chair with a 7 iron with your hands separated and move the club around slowly. Then after you have the feel of that - learn to “wield” the club. That is be able to move it around and down and side to side at will (try not to break a lamp). You must be able to wield every club in your bag. This is how you learn to have confidence in your swing. You’ve heard it a thousand times - “The guy can’t hit his long irons” or words to that effect. What they should be saying is “he can’t wield the long irons in his bag.” 

I knew a guy - about 53 or so - who decided to buy a motorcycle. A Harley. He was obviously in what they call a “mid-life crisis.” Wanted to test his manhood or whatever. The salesman asked him if he’d rode a motorcycles before. “O yeah.” So taking his word - he let him ride it off the lot. He rode it out into traffic - was clipped by an oncoming car - thrown hard to the ground - multiple head injuries was the result. He needed to get some lessons. He needed to go very slow through the process of learning how to ride a motorcycle. Then he should have taken more lessons in how to ride a motorcycle in traffic. You get the point.

The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING IS NOT HARD TO LEARN - if - if you go slow and feel your way through the various stages of the swing. Begin by working low and slow. Work up to higher and faster.

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