Friday, September 21, 2012


We throw a baseball with our arm and shoulder and back and legs and feet. We strike a golf ball with our arms and shoulder and back and legs and feet. But there’s a huge difference. The LEVERING ACTION when we throw is toward the target. The levering action when we strike a golf ball is sideways. This is why when we move weight to one side and then have to move back over the golf ball - we see people struggle. It’s not natural. Throwing is pretty natural. With the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING I’ve invented a way to make the levering action more natural. Instead of moving AWAY from the ball - you move slightly forward. Slightly forward means slightly forward. This move is not to be over-exaggerated. But as we move slightly forward (our weight is moved to the inside of our left-leg if right-handed) we can then easily lift the club into position - which sets us up to apply a lot of force to the golf ball by freeing up our right side (mainly the right hip) so we can more easily lever our whole body into the ball. We learn to strike the ball with our whole right side - like a door shutting. If we have moved our body to the right and don’t get back over the ball BEFORE applying power to the ball - it feels like throwing a baseball while sitting in a chair. 

To stop hitting at the ball and instead striking down on the back of it - pick up my 33 Min of ARRRR!! video Tutorial. To purchase - all you need do is click on the BUY NOW button in the right column. PayPal. You don’t need an account. Once you’re on their page - about half way down on the right you’ll see DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Click on that. Do the credit card thing. And you get your hands on my DVD Tutorial. You’ll love it. Have a great fall season.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


We see the pro golf swing break down. Fatigue has something to do with this - especially on hot days or when the pros play in heavy wind. Come Saturday and Sunday - as the players get closer to payday - the swings get looser and we even see the hands come loose of the club grip.

As I’ve said repeatedly on this blog - the conventional golf swing - the one everyone is taught - has too many parts. It has one unique part that is the reason the golf swing breaks down - the takeaway. When you shift your weight to the right (left-handers to the left) - you have to shift it back to the same spot where you addressed the ball before applying power to the ball - and this isn’t easy to do. So it’s hard to develop a dependable rhythm. 

The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING eliminates the takeaway. You simply lift the club into position. So you don’t have to have any rhythm to get back to the spot at which you addressed the ball to apply power to it. Why? You haven’t shifted your weight to the right (or left if left-handed). 

In fact - my swing teaches you to move your weight just slightly forward - which helps you lift the club into position. And this is exactly where you should be if you want to be able to apply all the power you need to execute a given shot. The ‘GOOSE’ is a far more dependable swing. Less parts allows you to apply more power with less effort. My video tutorial slows everything down to make it easier to learn. I don’t care how old you are - or if you’re 6 or 7 - you can learn to wield every club in your bag - even with small or weak hands - and you can build a far more dependable swing.

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