Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I claim you can apply less effort and generate more power with The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING. How? By aggregating muscle power through contracting the muscles in your upper back - arms - and buttocks simultaneously. I claim that you only need a 3/4 swing to apply more power than you can with a full swing. Again this is accomplished by aggregating muscles. 

The word “muscle” comes from the Latin word musculus - meaning a little mouse. The boy flexes his bicep - and that slight rippling effect resembled the movement of a mouse under the skin. Guy Murchie in his epic 7 Mysteries of Life says we have 100 organs 200 bones and more than 600 muscles. That animal and human muscle built the great civilizations of the world. Machines came later. 

Modern biophysicists teach athletes how to aggregate or combine muscles and muscle groups to enhance performance. Since the modern Olympics began in 1896 - records have been broken consistently by athletes learning how to better apply their muscles to their particular sport. Baseball pitchers learn a better arm motion. Runners learn to stand more upright while driving their legs downward. Shot putters learn to lever their lower and upper back while rippling out all their back muscles during the latter part of the throw. High jumpers learn to elevate better by coming in high - almost tippy-toeing and at the last few second lowering and then elevating upwards while rolling their bodies over the bar. 

With The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING - you learn to simply lift the club into position (ridding the golf swing of the so-called takeaway) - then you contract a whole new set of muscle groups - while striking down at the upper back of the ball - and rotating around and up into a finish. Just as the mongoose uses the ground to bury its teeth in the cobra (see INTRO VIDEO) - so the golfer uses the ground to apply spin on the golf ball which causes it to rise - land - then roll. This technique produces a dramatic increase in consistency - is significantly easier on the back - hips - and knees - and improves confidence - which improves scoring.

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