Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I claim you can apply less effort and generate more power with The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING. How? By aggregating muscle power through contracting the muscles in your upper back - arms - and buttocks simultaneously. I claim that you only need a 3/4 swing to apply more power than you can with a full swing. Again this is accomplished by aggregating muscles. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I’ve tried over the years to find better and better ways to describe how to learn and then execute certain features of the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING. This is my latest incarnation regarding the concept of striking the golf ball vs merely hitting it or hitting at it - which is what 90 percent of all the golfers in the world do. Hitting at it - sweeping it as it were - turns a 6 iron into a 9 iron. Not a good thing.

When you strike down on the back of the golf ball - you should have your hands well in front of the club head (not behind as in the above image). Why? You want to hit the ball first with the HEEL of your club. Not the face to the back of the ball - but the HEEL. Why? The idea is to use the ground to compress the golf ball. Right - the compression is ever so slight - but it makes a significant difference in ball flight and control: or accuracy.

I send a detailed PDF about how to learn this to buyers of my TUTORIAL. But the image is of knocking the ball into the ground - while rotating around with your body. This prevents you from gouging the ground as if you were going straight down at the ball with an axe. You’re not going straight down - but that’s the feeling - or should I say there are TWO FEELINGS - one of going straight down - but at the same time knowing that you’re rotating around and up into your finish. 

I strike at a point on the ball just above the equator. In my INTRO VIDEO I draw a mark around the ball - X marks the spot. As the heel of the club strikes the ball - the ball starts to move up the face because you’ve compressed it (slightly) against the ground. The mongoose does the same thing when it strikes its prey. It uses the ground to sink its teeth into whatever it is it’s just taken down (see mongoose attacking cobra in INTRO VIDEO).