Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Most golfers - including most pros - really struggle to wield their longer clubs.  Take a look at the Intro video over on the right - you’ll see a swordsman wielding a sword.  You’ll see why he has to separate his hands to wield the sword.  For the golfer - the problem is easily traced to the grip.  The hands are too close together to wield the longer clubs.  For many women and even many older men - they can’t even wield the short sticks.  We’re taught to either intertwine our fingers or overlap them.  The idea is to - in a sense - hold the club with one hand.  To keep a person from getting too “handsy.”  
Separating the hands lets anyone of any age wield the golf club

But in fact - the golf swing itself - regardless of how we grip the club - DEMANDS that we somehow get the club head around enough to make square-faced contact with the ball.  If you’re right-handed - that means you have to use your thumb and the first fingers on your right hand - in cooperation with your arms and body - to get the club head around ON TIME.  In other words - you have to get handsy to control the tempo of the swing.  If you’re a little late - you cut across the ball - which causes a slice.  If you’re a little early - you’ll either push the ball to the left or hook it.  Top players continue to struggle to wield the longer clubs.  However - with the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING - which borrows from the ancient Japanese swordsmen - you’ll learn to separate your hands so as to be able to wield the club head. 
Simple physics explains why it works.  Your right hand is now lower on the shaft and closer to the club head.  By swinging hard with your right hand - getting the sense of pushing the club through the ball and up into a finish - while at the same time pulling back a little with your left hand - at impact - you generate a great deal of club head speed without the big turn and the big contortionist movements of the body demanded by the conventional golf swing.  THWACK! is the new sound you’ll hear.  Watch the Intro video and you can hear it.  People all over the world - especially those who’ve spent their whole lives struggling to play the game of golf - are learning how to wield their golf clubs.  And they’ve got the lower scores to prove how beneficial that skill is.
To ORDER the ‘GOOSE’. - simply click on the BUY NOW button in the right column.  Get your own 33 minutes of ARRRR! DVD tutorial.  Lots of slow motion - which makes it easier to grasp the basics of the swing.  Lots of explanations.  I repeat things because that’s the way human beings learn.  
When you click on the BUY NOW button you’ll be taken to PayPal.  If you DON”T have an account with them - NO problem.  You can use their online banking services anyway.  On the PayPal page - simply click on the link “Don’t have a PayPal account” and you’ll be taken to a page where you can fill out your credit card info - etc. - and you’re done.  They send me notification.  I ship your DVD.  Golf season has begun.  But it’s not too late to learn the ‘GOOSE’ for this season. Your DVD is just a click away.  You’re going to love it.

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