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Okay - I’m going to try and prove that the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is not only superior to the conventional golf swing taught by tens of thousands of club professionals around the world - but superior in many different ways.  That using the conventional swing that has evolved over something like 350 years - since first cobbled together by those who played the game in Scotland on sections of pasture - is not the way to go. 
When you keep tinkering with something to get it to work better - you might be honest and say there’s something fundamentally wrong with it in the first place.  In every sport there are those who make it to the pros with a lousy jump shot - who can’t really pass accurately with a football - who can't find the strike zone on any given day - who can’t hit the driver and keep the ball in the fairway.  The pundits step up and either make excuses or become outright critics of the person who brought them to the pros in the first place.
Golf started with the leisure class.  What to do on any given day was a problem for kings and emperors and the lords and barons of the land holders.  I mean someone else was laboring for their bread - so they didn’t have to work.  Leisure.  What to do?  Sports like golf and cricket and bowling and any number of other pastimes were just that: what do we do with all these hours.  All these “sports” were cobbled together and tinkered with over centuries.  People tried to master them.  Many of the so-called “greats” were those who could hit the jump shot - through the football with accuracy - find the strike zone - and get the golf ball on the fairway - and then into the hole - with some sort of regularity.  
I’ve read widely about this.  And in almost every case - the athletes who rose above the rest invented some other means of doing what they did well other than the way they were taught.  
Archimedes once said - “Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.”  He understood the power of the lever.  We may ask - why is it that small forces can move weights by means of a lever?  Aristotle knew that there were 3 elements in the lever: the fulcrum - which acts as the center - and the two weights.  The one which causes the movement - and the one that is moved.  Here’s the technical jargon for those who like to go into the deep end of the pool: the ratio of the weight moved to the weight moving is in the inverse ratio of the distances from the center.  The greater distance from the fulcrum - the easier it will move.  When the force doing the moving is farther from the lever - it will cause a greater movement.  
Most golfers do very little levering.  They swing at the ball as if heaving the club at it.  They fold up everything on the backswing and unfold everything on the downswing.  Rotating around their bodies in both directions.  They take a strong stance.  Legs apart.  Many of the pros are very strong men.  But there is a constant struggle to get all the parts of the golf swing to work shot after shot.  A pro goes out in 32 and comes in in 42.  What happened?  Often - the legs get tired or the swing just kind of drifts away.  Rhythm breaks down a little.  Suddenly they’re off the fairway and scrambling to save a round.

The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING introduces the concept of levering the upper body downward - which is quite natural.  Pick up a club - lift it up over your head like if were an axe - and you’ve got the general idea.  Feels natural and normal to do such a thing.  But all the turning and wrist breaking and arm extensions and full turns and elbow tucks and keeping the hands quiet - is not natural at all.  Which explains why every golfer using the conventional swing struggles on any given hole - any given round.  

I once spoke to the great Willie Mays about why he wasn’t playing anymore.  “My wheels are gone.”  He was of course referring to his legs.  “But my upper body is fine.”  We can remain relatively strong in the upper body well into our 70s - and for some into their 80s.  The pins get flimsy - which really hurts those still using the conventional swing ideas.  But once you learn the ‘GOOSE’ you can learn to easily apply a lot of force to the golf ball.   “When the motive force is farther from the lever - it will cause a greater movement.”  
Aristotle never did provide much insight as to why the law of the lever is valid.  So reason on this with me.  if you lift a club over your head and lever down with it from your waist - your waste becomes the fulcrum.  The center - as it were.  If you measure from the tip of the club down to your waist - that becomes the distance from the object that is applying the force and the fulcrum that is the motive for applying it.  It’s a much greater distance than if you measure from the waist-hip-thighs of the average golfer - his or her motive for applying force to the golf ball - to the tip of their club in a straight line.  It’s about HALF.  Thus the need for the greater turn to produce more arc - which produces more distance from the fulcrum - which is lower than with the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING.  We also see many pros standing farther and farther away from the ball to gain more arc - or more distance.  This - of course - introduces yet more problems.  Also note the size of the heads on the new drivers.  They’re trying to apply more force with more volume or mass in the head - which explains why they often look as if they’re about to throw the hammer - rather than strike a little small golf ball. 
During the war between Rome and Carthage - the Roman fleet decided to attack Syracuse.  Archimedes had some surprises in store for them.  He invented some catapults that could hurl a 500 pound weight at the ships - with astonishing accuracy.  He knew some of the ships would survive the hits - so he invented some poles that would reach over the city walls and drop massive stones on the ships as they passed.  He also devised large grappling hooks attached to levers that could life a ship right out of the water.  The sailors had never seen the like of such things.  They couldn’t function for the fear of what was next.  "Give me a place to stand on - and I will move the earth."  The ships were easily lifted by the levers.

My swing is made up of fewer parts.  A grip.  A natural lever from the waist.  And another lever (what Archimedes called “a compound lever”) that comes into play at impact with the hands.  It’s endlessly repeatable without any such thing as rhythm (getting everything to unwind at the right spot to apply the right amount of power).   Your legs simply go along for the ride - which makes it dramatically easier on your back - hips - and knees.  If you’re right-handed - your right leg is freed up just before impact - so a great deal of torque is taken out of the swing - which is what causes all the woes of the back and hips and knees. 
And by separating your hands - you get a grip that allows you to wield every club in your bag.  You also get a second lever to apply to the ball at impact.  All of this is shown in slow motion in my VIDEO TUTORIAL.  
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