Tuesday, January 10, 2012

GOLF SWING OVERHAUL: What Can The Juggler Teach Us About the Golf Swing?

Plenty.  Just as we have a dominant eye. . .we also have a dominant hand.  The other hand is called the subordinate hand.  Holding a ball in each hand. . .throw a ball from your subordinate hand to your dominant hand.  Then just before you catch the ball in with your dominant hand. . .throw the other ball to the subordinate hand.  This isn’t as easy as you might think.  To make it easier. . .make sure you throw the balls around eye level.  You know. . .so you can see them.  

Okay. . .you did that.  Now try it with three balls in two hands.  Which hands? you ask.  Start slow.  Hold ONE ball in your dominant hand. . .and TWO balls in your subordinate hand.  Throw one of the balls in your subordinate hand to your dominant hand.  Just as you’re about to catch the ball with your dominant hand. . . throw the ball in your dominant hand to your subordinate hand.  But this time. . . try and throw the remaining ball in your subordinate hand back to the dominant.
Okay. . .I know you’re not going to try this.  And if you do. . .you’re going to drop the balls a lot of times before you get it right.  The point is. . .we train our brain to do things.  Learning how to walk is a classic example.  We crawl a lot before we walk.  We drop to our butts. . .often.  Such is the case of learning a new golf swing.  But the results are worth it.  I doubt anyone reading this would opt to return to crawling around on the floor.
We have this mass of nerve tissue between the two halves of our brain.  The name isn’t important.  What it helps us do is incredibly important.  It helps us coordinate one side of our body with the other.  Whether juggling or running or any other activity. . .including learning to swing a golf club. . .we have to go through a learning curve.  The modern overlapping grips taught by almost all professionals in the world. . .makes it hard to wield the club.  Even the best golfer ever. . .Mr. Nicklaus. . .used an interlocking finger grip (which is better than the Vardon. . .but more uncomfortable to most players).  

When we separate our hands (meaning they don’t touch. . .such as they do in a so-called “baseball grip”). . .something strange happens. . .we create a lever.  If you hold a golf club with the club head pointing up at the ceiling and simply move it back and forth. . .as if it were a sword. . .you get the feel for what I’m referring.  Each hand is stronger when separated from the other.  Why?  Because the dominant hand takes over.  That’s why it’s called the dominant hand.  It’s usually much stronger and has more subtle feeling.  It wants to dominate.  The same with our dominant eye (hold one hand over your right eye. . .then move it to your left eye.  The eye that moves is your subordinate eye).  That lever action allows us to apply a great deal of power with less effort.  Which translates to a shorter backswing.  Which translates to a more controlled. . .consistent. . .swing.

The irony is that the dominant hand of right handed golfers isn’t always their right hand.  Either way. . .however. . .the overlapping grip makes each hand weaker by degree.  When you separate them. . .as I advocate and demonstrate fully in my video tutorial. . .you’ll notice an immediate change in the power you have over the club.  Even the driver.  Which most golfers struggle with their whole lives.  Once you can wield the golf club. . .you understand why the juggler always uses his dominant hand as the first catcher while juggling balls.  It has more feel. . .more strength. . .and is generally more reliable.  After all. . .the object is to keep the balls moving. . .right?
The object of the grip in the golf swing is to allow the golfer to wield the club like a swordsman wields his sword.  The widest separation is on the shortest club.  Why?  Because you want as much feel as possible for your short game.  Think about this in closing.  If you’re right hand is dominant. . .and you have it lower on the club. . .doesn’t it make sense that you’ll have much more feel for your short game?  You dominant hand is nearer the club head.  We do this with a shovel.  We do this with a broom.  But we overlap our hands when trying to strike a golf ball.  Do we need our heads examined?

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