Tuesday, September 20, 2011


There’s a kind of nonchalance built into the conventional golf swing.  Imagine 4 “gentlemen” or “gentlewomen” heading out to the cow pasture for a little “pasture pool” (which is where it originated and acquired that moniker).  No one intended to work up a sweat.  They may have had a few modest wagers on the round. . .but everything about the game of golf was intended to be just another pastime for those bored out of their skulls with their day.

Today. . .we want to launch the ball into orbit.  And when we get into our forties and fifties and sixties and seventies and eighties. . .and the muscles are shrinking and the bones are brittle. . .well. . .many of us pay a price for all the long drives of our youth.  The ‘GOOSE’ is a swing intended to make it easier to apply power with less effort.  It’s an upper body swing. . .that eliminates the takeaway. . .the old weight transfer. . .and replaces it with something as simple as merely lifting the club into position.  Watch the intro video. . .the bridge lift. . .and the engineering principle of counterbalancing the lifting effort.

If we just used a single club for a whole round. . .we could master the amount of weight transfer and become consistent with our shots.  But we not only use several different clubs during a round. . .but we apply different amounts of power to many different shots. . .right?  We hit a pretty good drive. . .then a bad iron.  We struggle for consistency.  And we struggle to apply the right amount of power to a given shot.  And we do this throughout every round we play.

I learned years ago that the body has billions of memory cells scattered about.  They’re not all in the brain.  There are neurons in our gut. . .down our spine. . .etc.  Reason this out. . .if we can get more of those powerful cells involved in our golf swing. . .shouldn’t that help us perform better?  Yes. . .say the new scientists involved with biophysics.  These people have helped thousands of professionals throw a baseball more efficiently. . .throw harder by levering their bodies more effectively.  And they’ve helped runners run faster. . .basketball players to shoot more consistently. . .etc.  I used a number of their ideas in the development of the ‘GOOSE.’