Monday, August 15, 2011

GOLF SWING OVERHAUL: Why the Conventional Swing Breaks Down. . .Under Pressure and 'GOOSE' Doesn't

I’ve now played golf for more than 60 years.  Thousands of rounds.  Played with a number of touring pros.  Played with a number of club pros.  And. . .of course. . . played with many other types of golfers.  One observation looms. . .their swings break down as the round progresses.  Why?
Let’s take the PGA Championship that was just played over the weekend (August 2011).  Each day the scores mushroomed on the back nine.  Now. . .in all fairness. . . there were some tough holes. . .water here and there. . .but on Sunday. . .following the leaders along through the back nine. . .all of them made horrific mistakes.  Why?  Their swing efficiency broke down.  The world’s number one. . .two. . .three. . .and on down the chart. . .hit into the water. . .in most cases it didn’t trickle in. . .it was bombed into the water.  

In a tournament where everyone is within a couple of shots. . .to hit the ball into the water is simply a catastrophe without an excuse. . .except the players are playing with a swing technique that was never intended to be stressed to the point it has been so in the last two decades.  The modern equipment. . .with the massive heads on driver. . .all the different shaft flexibilities. . .etc. . .exaggerates all the error built into the ancient conventional swing.  Most notably the takeaway and the steady rhythm needed to hold it together under pressure.
What does this have to do with the casual golfer. . .the once-a-weeker?  Everything!  Every golfer wants to post a decent score.  The pros can lose tournaments and still make a lot of money.  The young man who won the PGA was a 25 year old rookie.  It was the second tournament he’d won this year. . .and the second he’d won in a playoff.  Each by one stroke.  So a single stroke is often the difference between winning and losing.  But the weekend player wants to post a decent score for the sheer joy of scoring. . .of managing his swing well enough to score.

For the once-a-week golfer. . .by learning how to keep the ball in play. . .no heroics. . .no attempts to outdrive your playing partners. . .etc. . .you’ll come out on top often. . .if you learn the MONGOOSE SWING TECHNIQUE.  If you watch the tour pros. . .they’ve developed a swing that demands a great deal of body-torquing. . . especially with the shoulders. . .then on the way down to the ball. . .they have to get their arms inside. . .while at the same time getting their hips around. . .while keeping their left hand slightly ahead of the ball at impact. . .and then overreach with their right hand up into a finish.  Over the course of the round. . .getting all these parts to work in the exact right sequences. . .gets tougher and tougher.  Thus the inability to know exactly where the shot is going.  

In some cases. . .the pros hit their shot 100 feet to the left or right of their target line.  100 feet!  In one case. . .it was something like 125 feet. . .with an iron!  Suddenly. . .you’re way over there. . .with little green to work with       . . .and you’re facing double bogey or worse (the winner had a triple bogey on 15 on Sunday) . . .and the slumped shoulders says it all.  The swing got away from them.
With a top down swing such as I’ve developed. . .you can reduce the margin of error by magnitudes.  Why?  Because it DOES NOT RELY ON RHYTHM to execute the shot.  And instead of moving your body. . .even slightly to the right         . . .away from the ball. . .it teaches the movement of the body slightly forward. . .which is the exact spot you want your body when getting ready to strike the ball (which the ‘GOOSE’ teaches. . .instead of sweeping the shot or hitting up into the ball. . .which shortens its distance).
The parts that make up the conventional golf swing

And when you tired. . .or under a lot of stress in a tournament. . .or if there’s some money riding on the round. . .it doesn’t break down.  Why?  Again. . .it’s a swing that relies on the strength of your upper body. . . not your legs.  And it’s a swing that demands less effort from your body in the first place.  So you don’t get so tired using it.  Less moving parts equals less effort.  Less effort equals less energy to execute the swing.  
I just sent my first DVD tutorial to a man in Italy.  So now I’ve got people in every country in the EU using my new swing technique.  I’ve got a man 91 using it.  I’ve got a surprising number of women who are using it.  To ORDER the ‘GOOSE’ - simply click on the BUY NOW button in the right column.  Get your own 33 minutes of ARRRR! video tutorial DVD. . .lots of slow motion, which makes it much easier to grasp the elements of the swing. . .lots of explanations.  When you click on the BUY NOW button you’ll be taken to PayPal.  If you DON”T have an account with them. . .no problem. . .you can use their services anyway. . .Simply click on the link “Don’t have a PayPal account” and you’ll be taken to a page where you can fill out the simple form - your credit card info, etc. - and you’re done.  Have a great summer.

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