Monday, August 1, 2011

GOLF SWING OVERHAUL: Moneyball & the Mongoose

The book. . .Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game.. .about a young kid who - knowing almost nothing about baseball - introduces a new idea about how to build a team. . .he introduces statistics.  For 150 years. . .baseball had been doing things a certain way. . .and then along comes Billy Beane.  Read on. . .
The author. . .Michael Lewis. . .digs deep into what has become a new method. . .an art. . .even a science. . .of how to manage the game of baseball.  It’s about Billy Beane. . .who was the GM of the Oakland As.  Beane was a major league player. . . of sorts who doesn’t surround himself with the usual guys. . .the ex-ballplayers who sit on the bench. . .etc.  He hires intellectuals. . .who excel at math. . .at stats. . .who believe that the math and science behind baseball was flawed.
What makes this story even more interesting is that the A’s owner isn’t much of a baseball fan. . .but uses it as a business. . .meaning Beane is given a paltry budget by which to build a winning major league team.  Still. . .by using some new theories about how baseball actually works. . .he begins signing lower priced players. . .including a few college kids who meet the math criteria developed by the math wonks.
Well. . .this team. . .for several years wins 100 + games a season. . .wins 20 games in a row with a roster of unknowns. . .but Beane is declared a failure because he doesn’t deliver a pennant.  Beane loathed the magnitude of salaries some of the major leagure’s earned.  “Ridiculous. . .absolutely ridiculous. . .that a relief pitcher could earn $10 million a year.”
The book melts the whole game down to a handful of stats. . .work the stats and you win games.  The Oakland A’s won a lot of games with what were considered by many to be marginal players.  Beane got rid of the conventional scouting tort. . .and focused on stats. . .and other ways to calculate a player’s offensive value.
Everything was opposed to the conventional way of doing baseball.  They actually orchestrated the 2002 draft so as to get a lot of below market players.  When Beane unloaded the “stars” he got all kinds of booty that played into his scheme.  

Well. . .in golf. . .they've been doing things a certain way for over 300 years.  But now we know from all the injuries and inconsistencies exhibited by even the best of the pros. . .that something new is needed.   By getting rid of the takeaway. . .and the need for rhythm. . .along with an vastly improved grip technique that allows even weak-handed players to wield the heaviest of their golf sticks. . .the ‘GOOSE’ really shines.  Check out the archives. . .or at least scroll down the posts. . .the world of golf is changing.  The ‘GOOSE’ may not be moneyball. . .but it’s sure money when you learn to really THWACK the golf ball without ripping up your knees. . .hips. . .and back.
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