Saturday, August 27, 2011

GOLF SWING OVERHAUL: The Long Putter Advantages

I was going to link up with a maker of long putters.  I balked because he advocates face-on putting.  It’s not a bad technique. . .for putts up to say 15 feet or so.  But when you have a 25 or 30 footer. . .there are problems.  You have to make an adjustment in technique for the longer putts.  Every golfer knows that you have to make adjustments for longer putts. . .with all of the technique now being taught.  Everyone also knows that the second we alter our technique. . .we lose the feel we had with the first technique.  Well. . .if you take the putter back with your arms and hands. . .and then hit the putt WITH YOUR BODY. . .you don’t have to make any adjustments.  How hard you hit the ball is based on body-feel. . .not the feel in your arm and hand. . .just like with my full golf swing (the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING).  You can hit 2 foot putts or 125 foot putts with the same technique.
Tom Kite

Again. . .how hard you hit the ball is based on feel.  The problem is as one tires or is put under extreme stress. . .such as in tournaments or from normal aging. . .the feel of how hard to hit the ball breaks down.  Not so. . .if you’re body gets in the act.  As with my golf swing. . . also with my putting technique. . .numberless billions of nerve cells are introduced into the technique. . .through your body.  You hold the long putter like a broom. . .not against your belly. . .which I find puts all the feel into the hands. . .which as I just related break down in feel under stress or fatigue.  Take the club back as if you’re sweeping the floor. . .no more than a few inches for most putts up to 20 feet. . .and tap it. . .again tap it. . .WITH THE SIDE OF YOUR BODY. 
What is critical is keeping your eye on the ball.  Once you’ve selected your line. . .(always allow more than you originally thought on putts from 10-50 feet). . .never look at the line again. . .concentrate on the back of the golf ball and tap it with your body.  if they go 10 feet past at first. . .you’re doing well.  You’ll not believe how quickly your body “gets it.”  
We know now that we store memory all over our bodies.  We don’t know how it’s done. . .but we know that our leg begins to come to terms with how to kick a ball. . .or our feet come to terms with how to kick while we’re swimming. . .etc.  Muscle memory is  a legitimate term used by sports trainers.  I would add the phrase. . .”BODY MEMORY.”  I’ve proven to myself that I have a great deal of body memory for my golf swing and for my putting technique.  And I’ve proven it doesn’t go away or get sluggish when I’m tired.  

Too much feel needed in right hand

I’ve learned to rely on it. . .putting has always been the real strength of my game. . .the way I’ve shot good scores all my life.  The same goes for Adam Scott and the new kid who just won with the long putter.  I highly recommend my putting technique.  Again. . .hold the long putter as if you're sweeping the floor. . .take the putter back with your lower hand. . .and hit it with the side of your body.  The right side if you're right handed. . .the left side if you're left handed.
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