Tuesday, July 19, 2011

PUTTING TECHNIQUE OVERHAUL: The Advantages of the Long Putter Continue

In a recent PUTTING TECHNIQUE OVERHAUL. . .I show a little girl holding a broom.  The idea is to hold the long putter as if it were a broom.  Now in the video abive. . .this man advocates touching the top of the putter against the shoulder.  All of these ideas are to produce a more stable setup. . .which of course effects the results.  You can see he's using the strength of his arms to accelerate the putter.  This is more obvious if you observe his practice tip of simply pushing the ball to the hole.


I advocate using the body to apply the force.  This man is perfectly correct in using a very short takeaway for most putts. . .and then accelerating through the putt.  I have proven that this is much easier using our body than our arms and shoulders.  And it's far more consistent as a round progresses.

In the previous post I mentioned that you take the putter back with your arms and shoulders. . .but that you contract the muscles of your body. . .on the right side (for right-handers. . .reversed for lefties). . .and then use your body to apply the required force to the ball.  It's a short move. . .even for 50 footers.  

What I neglected to include was this tip:. . .you can begin contracting your body muscles as you begin taking the putter away from the ball.  Again. . .you're not preparing to throw the shot put. . .or some heavy weight.  So don't over due the muscle contracting.  You're merely preparing to apply whatever force your body deems necessary (and it will learn faster than you) to the ball to get it at least a couple of feet past the hole (see other posts about putting management).

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