Sunday, July 10, 2011

GOLF SWING OVERHAUL: The Structure of the Spine and the Mongoose Golf Swing

Pulled muscles eliminated

If you take even a brief look at the spine. . .made up of individual vertebrae. . .running north and south. . .that should tell us something.  If, as with the conventional golf swing. . .the one we've all been taught, we're required to move east and west, while at the same time yanking it around. . .there just might be a conflict along the way. . .along with some serious consequences.
Here's the problem: with the conventional swing technique, we both compress the spine. . .forcing the vertebrae together
. . .while at the same time twisting the spine around it's axis. . .this can and does produce an over-torquing of the spine and leads to a raft of very sore backs.  Actually, the swing as described above has ended golf for numberless millions of people around the world.  Most notably from what is termed "bulging discs."
To add to the problems of over-torquing. . .when you overswing in order to apply as much force to the golf ball as possible, you also twist and compress your knees. . . jam down the hips. . .and cause all sorts of woes for the lower back by pulling and compressing on the wrapped muscle groups that hold the lower body together.
Right leg RELEASES fully at impact

Now, let's take a slow look at the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING technique.  What's radically different. . .and beneficial to the body. . .is the fact that you tend to keep the spine action north and south throughout the swing.  Being a TOP-DOWN swing. . .it's more like the way a tree-faller applies force with an axe.  He separates his hands so as to wield the axe. . .then levers his body forward and into the tree simultaneously.  The trailing leg (whether left or right-handed) simply goes along for the ride.  
Just as the tree fallers' "swing" - if I can call it that for my own purposes - uses the power of the upper body to apply the force. . .and not the legs. . .the legs don't take anywhere near the beating.  Nor the hips.  Nor the lower back.  I have a friend who fell timber well into his 70s.  He's now 89 and still going strong.
You young golfers are saying. . .well, that might work for old guys. . .but I've been doing this pretty well for a number of years. . .and I don't intend to switch now.  I understand.  You're now bulletproof.  But one day. . .sooner than you might think. . .the wounds you're now inflicting on yourself. . .will begin to bleed. . .in the sense that you'll begin to have pains in places you never dreamed of.
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