Thursday, July 28, 2011

GOLF SWING OVERHAUL: Logic Says Simple is Better

Every golfer graves the skills to repeat a good solid swing.  Pros. . .who’ve dedicated their lives to the game. . .can’t pull it off.  Those that can swing consistently with more consistency. . .and along the way make a lot of short putts. . .win the tournaments.
Note weight on right leg. . .now must shift back

The conventional swing. . .the one we’re all taught. . .all over the world. . .has too many parts to replicate a swing consistently.  The two major issues are the infamous takeaway. . .where a thousand things can and do go wrong. . .and the notion of rhythm to compensate for it.  
Sway to one side. . .sway back. . .swat the ball.  Logic screams at us that something is wrong. . .right?  My swing technique gets rid of two major problems. . .immediately: the takeaway and the need for rhythm.  For those reason alone. . .unless you feel it’s over and you’re going to the grave with the swing you have. . .you should give it a try.
Stand over the ball. . .lift the club into position. . .strike down at the ball. . .THWACK!  That’s it. . .including the sound effects.  In every sport. . .we see sports physiologists contributing new ideas about how to throw a baseball. . .a football. . .a shot put. . .you name it.  Runners go to these clinics and practice new techniques. . .and in every case. . .people are getting better results by bringing their motions into harmony with the way the body is designed.
We bend at the waist.  We rotate. . .but not too much.  We can twist our arms. . .but not too far.  We can rotate around our knees. . .but we have to be careful not to compress the knee too much while rotating. . .or it can snap.  This happens in pro basketball far too often.  The sneakers grabs the floor and won’t yield while the player is trying to pivot and something has to give.  Ankles. . .knees. . .hip flexors. . .shoulders. . .all take a beating and too often cause a player to miss games.
I began developing the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING years ago. . .about 15 to be exact.  I shot most of my tutorial in Palm Springs.  I spent too much producing it.  Way too much.  I’ve never gotten my money back selling first VHS copies. . .now DVDs.  But at the time. . .and I still hold strongly to this belief. . .I thought I’d made the most remarkable breakthrough in the history of the golf swing.
Again. . .weight is on right leg. . .must now get back

It consists of THREE basic principles. . .the counterbalancing technique. . .which eliminates the takeaway and the need for a rhythmic swing. . .the levering action inherent in the upper body. . .we bend naturally at the waist. . .and the unique separating of the hands grip. . .which lets even those with weaker hands to wield the club. . .much like a Samurai swordsman. . .which helps produce significant club head speed. . .with less effort.  

The key is not to move our body much at all.  Once we’ve addressed the ball. . .we need only lift the club into position. . .while moving a small amount of weight to either the left side if one is right handed (or to the right side for lefties).  Essentially. . .you’re hardly moving at all.  Just enough to activate the body enough to progress through the swing into a full finish.
By not moving away from the ball. . . . . .during the takeaway. . .you don’t have to get back to that place. . .the correct place. . .where you apply force to the ball with the club.  You’re there to start with!  With the better grip. . .which is simple logic 101. . .you’re ready to wield the club down on the ball. . .striking it instead of sweeping it or hitting up into it. . .both of which are inconsistent strategies. . .and potentially harmful to the body because of over-torquing.  

Confidence is everything. . .whether throwing and hitting in baseball. . .or shooting a basketball with a nice steady jumper. . .or throwing the shot put with a better levering technique.  By adapting to the MONGOOSE SWING TECHNIQUE. . .you can apply however much force to the ball you deem necessary to execute the shot.  Using the pushing and pulling technique of the swordsman. . .you can put some serious hurt on a golf ball . . .if you need to.
To ORDER the ‘GOOSE’ tutorial DVD. . .33 minutes of ARHHH!. . .simply click on the BUY NOW button located in the right column.  You pay via PayPal. . .and if you don’t have an account with them. . .you don’t need one to use their online banking services.  I pay the fees.  In the right column above are detailed instructions about how to get through the process.  Most people have zero trouble.  But some of my buyers struggle with the process.  If you have any trouble whatsoever. . .send me an email and I’ll walk you through it step-by-step.  Have a great summer.  Learn the ‘GOOSE” and golf suddenly becomes a whole lot more fun.  Learn to play the ball farther back in your stance and save your knees. . .hips. . .and lower back.  Learn to shape shots. . .right to left. . .left to right.  It's not hard to learn.

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