Thursday, June 16, 2011


I received two testimonials today, 16 June 2011. . .and have posted them under TESTIMONIALS in the left column.  Read them. . .they might answer some of your questions about this new golf swing.

There’s an old story. . .a Zen story. . .about a young man who passionately wanted to become a master swordsman.  He meets a master swordsman who takes him in.  Only they don’t start out learning anything about sword fighting.  The master puts him in the garden.  
Every time the student isn’t looking, the master sneaks up behind him and whacks him with a stick.  THWACK!  The student becomes more and more frustrated.  This goes on for two, three, years.  He can’t seem to build up any sense of when he’s going to get whacked.  He’s got bruises all over his body.  Sounds cruel.  
Well, one day he’s in the midst of planting some vegetables. . .and he suddenly becomes fully aware of the master sneaking up on him. . .he waits. . .he can even hear the stick start to move toward his back. . .he ducks. . .and becomes enormously excited.  He’s simply overjoyed.  He starts leaping around and yelling at the master, “Now, will you teach me swordsmanship?”  
“Now, you don’t need swordsmanship,” said the master.  The student had slowed down enough to finally recognize what he was doing there in the first place.  He could now hear and feel what was going on around him.  
In this electronic age. . .we can’t get things to move fast enough.  We keep upgrading our computers with faster and faster drives. . .we want our cars to go faster. . .we eat as if someone is going to come and take the food away from us.  “You have 5 minutes to eat the steak and get to the TV.”
The Mongoose Golf Swing is not hard to learn.  I know, I know, you’ve heard that one before.  But it isn’t.  On the other hand, it will take some time to learn the basics of a new golf swing.  If you read the testimonials I mention above. . .you’ll note that the people are anxious to do better. . .so they push to get it down NOW!  Well, that’s not going to happen.  On the other hand, you’re not going to be in the garden for years.  

I have people who bought the DVD tutorial and moved along slower. . .who have consistently cut their handicap by more than 15 strokes.  One man had a 26 handicap.  He’d played for years between a 12 and 14.  Suddenly, he found himself in his 60s and everything started to go bad.  He bought the ARRRR! tutorial and in less than four months had his handicap down to 16.  He now has it down to 12-14, and he’s 66 years old.  That means he breaks 80 quite a few times.  I promise you, if you’ve never broken 80, that is a wonderful feeling.
To ORDER the ‘GOOSE’ - simply click on the BUY NOW button in the right column.  Get your own 33 minutes of ARRRR! video tutorial DVD. . .lots of slow motion, which makes it much easier to grasp the elements of the swing. . .lots of explanations.  When you click on the BUY NOW button you’ll be taken to PayPal.  If you DON”T have an account with them. . .no problem. . .you can use their services anyway. . .Simply click on the link “Don’t have a PayPal account” and you’ll be taken to a page where you can fill out the simple form - your credit card info, etc. - and you’re done.  Have a great summer.

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