Sunday, June 12, 2011


If you learn the Mongoose Golf Swing, you’ll begin hitting the golf ball farther with less effort.  This is not advertising hype.  Recently, Paul Azinger, a tour professional for decades, wrote this: "There are two kinds of strength.  There is the kind that you can pick up the back of a Volkswagen, which is slow, bulky strength.  There is elastic strength, which golfers have.  And when you swing, you create energy and that puts a tremendous amount of strain on your hips, legs, back, shoulders and knees.  On the downswing, you can't slow down.  If you do that, you mangle your golf swing."

And that’s the whole thing, isn’t it?  The conventional golf swing, the one we’re all taught. . .do this, do that. . .then this, then that. . .and end up up here, right?  I watch the pros and almost to a man - they can’t seem to swing hard enough.  The play one or two tournaments. . .then disappear.  What happened to such and such?  “Oh, his back gave out on him.”  How old is that kid?  “I think he’s 26.”  Hmm.
Jack Nicklaus recently said, "My swing never caused an injury for me.  I think Tiger's swing, and I think a lot of swings of today, are far more violent."
Fred Couples, who has had a bad back for much of his career. . .constantly visiting the chiropractor. . .reflecting on being No. 1 and trying to stay there. . .”In golf, when you’re No. 1 and then you start to slide. . .and your mind keeps telling you, man, I remember a year ago I could do this, and then two years ago I did that; that's the toughest thing to go through.  There's no other guy who can pick you up but yourself."
To hit the ball farther, the equipment manufacturers have turned to computers, to high tech materials (titanium, for example), 3D imaging, to offer up equipment that encourages smashing the golf ball.  This has made golf course designers lengthen courses.  Will this trend end with 10,000 foot courses?  No one seems to know.
"If you have multiple injuries like Tiger has with the knee and the Achilles, you want to take a look at what is causing those issues.  Is it movement in the swing?  Is it something where the hips aren't moving enough?"  
I say emphatically that the conventional golf swing is the culprit. . .that equipment manufacturers are exacerbating the problem.  Having spent years working on the Mongoose Golf Swing, an upper body swing that completely eliminates the infamous takeaway. . .I have people all over the world who had just about given up. . .some with back or hip or knee (or all of the above) problems. . .some who have aged to a point where the conventional golf swing just becomes impossible. . .some who see the logic in what I’ve developed. . .and are back enjoying the game again.
To ORDER the ‘GOOSE’ simply click on the BUY NOW button in the right column.  Get the 33 minutes of ARRRR! video tutorial. . .lots of slow motion. . .lots of repetition (which makes it much easier to learn the swing). . .lots of clear explanation.  You’ll be taken to PayPal.  If you have an account, fine.  If not, you can still ORDER there.  Simply click on the link “Don’t have a PayPal account”. . .If you have any problems, send me an email and I’ll take you through the process step by step.  Have a great summer!

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