Saturday, June 4, 2011


Most golfers who can chip at all. . .use the old land the ball 1/3 of the total distance of the chip to the hole, and let it run 2/3 of the total distance of the chip.  That the way you think about the chip shot?
Over the years I’ve watched thousands of golfers - including most pros - try to put this “rule” to work.  The results are almost always unpredictable.  The really good chippers on tour practice for hours to “feel the shot.”  
My approach is different. . .and I’ve had nothing but good results for decades.
If your ball is off the green you can still use my method for chipping - if you’ve got a fairly flat lie.  NEVER use a lofted club unless you're chipping out of a bunker or in grass up to here.  Most people hit under the ball with every lofted club in their bag. . .and leave it short.  Sound familiar?  

I’m assuming you’re using my Mongoose Golf Swing. . .which features a grip with the hands completely separated. . .no fingers touching the other hand. . .hands apart. . . take a 4 iron and grip down with your right hand (if you’re right-handed) where you thumb and forefinger are past the grip and you can feel the steel or metal of the club at the end of the grip material.    It will feel as if you're pinching the metal and grip material at the same time.  The idea is to feel the shot through the metal shaft.  In time, you'll begin to do this for many shots.  Getting closer to the club head with your hand produces a totally new feel. . .for any shot. . .but particularly the chip and putt.
Your left hand is acting like a toggle joint at the end of the club.  And you’re going to strike the ball. . .placed back in your stance. . .as if you’re using a long putter (which is the only putter to use if you want to learn to putt with your body, which has significantly more “feel” than your hands and arms and shoulders).  Your left hand will be leading. . .right hand low and striking down on the back of the ball. . .
Your thought while over such a shot. . .HIT IT HARD ENOUGH TO MAKE IT GO 10 FEET PAST THE HOLE.  What!!!  EVERYONE. . .and I mean EVERYONE. . .from rank amateurs to the most seasoned professionals. . .LEAVE MOST SHOTS SHORT.
But if you strike the ball to hit it 10 feet PAST the hole. . .you’ll make some you don’t deserve. . .and you’ll rarely be short.  What would you rather the result be. . .being 10 feet past the hole or 10 feet short?  If you're 10 feet short you have zero chance of making anything!
If you keep this up, . .you’ll start to get a totally different result from your chipping.  You'll rarely be short and you'll rarely have more than a short come-backer for a putt.  The number of 3 putts on your card will go down dramatically.
To ORDER the ‘GOOSE’ - simply click on the BUY NOW button in the right column.  You’ll get 33 minutes of ARRR!  (read the details about how to order via PayPal - with our without a PayPal account).  If you love the silly game. . .but want much better results. . .ORDER the ‘Goose’ video tutorial.  Lots of slow motion. . .which helps you learn the mechanics.  It’s not hard to learn this swing technique.

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