Friday, April 8, 2011

Stay With the Conventional Swing. Knee Replacement Surgery Will Have You Back in No Time

Peter Jacobson, former tour professional, is back in the “swing” of things.. .says the headline.  “Knee replacement surgery gets Jacobson back into the swing of things.”  I was going to place an ad here for the medical facility that does knee and hip (Nicklaus) replacement surgeries.  But then I thought I’d reason with you for a couple of sentences. . .just a couple.
If the conventional swing. . .big turn of the shoulders, hands enwrapped together, big follow-through. . .causes knee, hip, and back problems, doesn’t it make sense to try another swing technique?  

And what about those of you with weak hands.  You enwrap your hands around the club and then wonder why you can’t wield the club.  Imagine enwrapping your hands around a hockey stick or a baseball bat.  Could you really wield the club.  I mean the baseball players today wear gloves - on BOTH hands - to get a better grip on the bat.  Can you even imagine Babe Ruth or Willie Mays wearing gloves to grip their bat?
Well, I said it would be brief.  Here’s my pitch: I am 76.  When I was 61 I started losing distance.  Couldn’t make the big shoulder turn. . .rigor mortis had already set in. . .couldn’t make the full follow-through going in the other direction either.  Fun started to leave the game - as if it was going through an hour glass - you know, like my life.
I started from scratch.  First, what kind of grip can I devise that will allow me to wield the club like a Samurai sword warrior?  That took awhile.  But even in the demo video you can see how effective it is.  You got to be able to crisply strike down on the golf ball to build some confidence.  Then I started to think about how a timber faller applies power.  Their hands are separated on the axe. . .they apply power by levering their upper body into the action. . .etc., etc., etc.  
Finally, I realized that you can do the same thing. . .strike down on the ball as you rotate around with your body.  And Blaam!  THWACK!  I started to really see some results.  My video tutorial has a lot of slow motion shots. . .everything is slowed down so you can get the sense of it.  Start with the grip and pretty soon you’re knocking the cover off the ball.  You’re gonna love it.  To ORDER, just click on the BUY NOW button in the right column.  And you don’t need to have an account with PayPal to use that online bank.  Just follow the simple instructions about how to pay for the DVD.  Have a great summer.

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