Friday, April 22, 2011

10-Year Old Girl Hits “One Good One After Another.”

Okay, Mark, I owe you an apology, of sorts.  My daughter Teresa is 10 and she’s the one who wanted to learn golf.  Apparently her friend was learning it from her father.  I don’t play.  So I was of no help.  Her friend tried to help her learn and the results weren’t good enough, so Teresa quit.  Then she started bugging me about paying for lessons.  As I told you in the email it was a chance encounter with your site that introduced me to the Mongoose Swing.  
I was surprised that I got an answer from you.  But you said that a child should have just one club for a year.  That sounded really weird to me.  You also said that a young person should just learn to get comfortable with a golf club before doing anything with it, like trying to hit a golf ball.  Your idea about separating the hands and just sitting in a chair or walking around “wielding” the club just didn’t resonate with me.  This is all new to me you know.  Again, I don’t play.
Anyway, I bought your DVD, as you know.  She watched it with me.  Then I think she and her friend watched it again.  I told her what you said about not rushing to play and getting discouraged to the point of quitting, which she had already done.  I hope I’m making this understandable.  Anyway, to my shock she agreed with you.  She said it made sense to just get comfortable with swinging one club for awhile.  But she also started lifting the club and moving her body over to the left side (she’s right handed) as well.  Now she’s got me into it.
I went to the local course here, it’s just a 9 hole course, to see if they had any used clubs.  You mentioned an 8 iron for her.  I found one for her and for me.  We both started just getting down the grip you teach.  I’m 43 and I work in an office.  I don’t have really strong hands, so I found the grip really comfortable.  She’s just a twig herself and so she said she liked it as well.  Now she’s got her friend doing this grip.  Are you following all this?  I just thought you'd like to know there are people doing this that you might never know about otherwise.

To end this, hoping you read it, hoping you even remember my old email, it’s been about 4 months and the weather's getting better and she wanted to hit some balls (so did I).  She said she was tired of just "pretending."  So last weekend we went to the range, which is about 7 or 8 miles from where we live in Nevada, and we hit some balls.  You would not believe how well she did Mark.  I didn’t do as well,  But I did hit three or four really good ones.  Again, it was my first time every hitting a golf ball at a range.  
I should have listened to you here as well and not tried to knock the cover off.  Teresa just lifted the club to her waist as you said to do and hit one good one after another.  I think she’s going to get pretty good at the sport.  I just thought you might like to know that it really worked for this petite girl of 10.  Well see how it works for a non-athlete like me.  Rod K.

MARK'S ANSWER: Wonderful.  I hope Teresa sticks with it.  By the way, I never suggested waiting a year to hit some balls.  My advice was to just use one club for a year at the practice range.  It takes a long time for young people to build up the confidence to actually play on a course.  We think we feel small staring down a long par 5. . .imagine how that looks to a 10 year old.  Let me know how it goes Rod.  And thanks for writing.  Mark

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