Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stop Hitting UNDER the Golf Ball! Strike DOWN on It!

Let’s see, I’ve been watching people hit under the golf ball for something like 64 years.  Why do people do it?  Because it seems necessary to hit under something to get it into the air.  Take chipping for example. . .
The average golfer - something like 95 percent of all golfers - approach a ball sitting just off the green.  They grab a 7 iron (because they read in some golf magazine that the 7 iron is the perfect club for chipping), address the ball, and hit up under the ball to get it into the air.  The ball ends up 10-20 feet short of the hole, right?  Been there, done that.

Stop hitting under the ball.  Hit down on the back of the ball.  Ideally the heel of the club (I’ll get to what type of club you should use in a moment) strikes down on the ball just above the equator of the ball.  What!  Think ball and ground.  Ball and ground.  Use the ground in almost every shot.  Why?  By hitting down you slightly compress the ball which makes it jump off the ground and head for the hole.

Imagine that the ball is BIGGER than it is.  Look down, imagine a BIGGER ball.  Imagine it the size of a tennis ball.  A tennis ball is easier to strike than a tiny little golf ball, right?  Again, by striking down on the back of the ball - it jumps into the air and wants to roll.  Why?  It will have backspin on it.  Just a little backspin, but that’s all you need.  You do not want the ball jumping into the air and suddenly stop rolling.
There is no perfect club for chipping.  One of the best is a driver or 3 metal.  For most chips, especially those around the green, or where you have clear sailing to the hole, I recommend the 6 iron.  Why?  It’s a middle iron - with less loft - which means it’s less likely you’ll chunk the shot if you miss hit it.  
How to hit crisp chip shots. . .TWICK!
Practice chipping pennies.  That’s right, pennies.  You can do this on your living room carpet or rug.  Rain or shine.  Rig a blanket in such a way that it protects your wall from possible dinks from the pennies hitting it.  Place the penny back in your stance.  Lift the club - with your hands separated as I teach in the Mongoose Golf Swing tutorial - and strike down on the back of the penny with your right hand guiding the club (if you’re right handed, your left hand if your left handed) to the back of the penny.  With your hands separated, you'll feel like you can wield the club, handle it, be more precise.
If you keep practicing this shot - again and again - you’ll begin to hear a crisp sound - something like the sound of the word TWICK! (a made up word).  Once you get this right, you’ll begin getting your chip shots closer and closer to the hole.  You’ll even make a few you don’t deserve.  You’ll also feel about 500 percent more confident that you can actually execute a chip shot that requires more loft, more distance.  Shave strokes by learning to chip pennies.  Strike down on the back of the penny.  TWICK!
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