Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weak Hands, Physical Ailments, the Conventional Swing, and the NEW Mongoose Golf Swing Difference

The conventional golf swing, the one we’ve all been taught, demands hand power.  Yet most of us, especially women and young people (but also most men), don’t have strong enough hands to wield the club during a shot.
By separating your hands, as I teach with the Mongoose Golf Swing technique, even those with relatively weak hands suddenly feel in charge of the club.  By griping the club with all our fingers, and by having one hand farther down on the grip, we produce a lever-effect that is quite astonishing - both in feel and in the ability to really put force to the golf ball.

If we can’t handle the club with ease, well, we can’t possibly feel confident over the ball.  Those two things go hand in glove: being able to wield the club produces confidence that you can indeed put enough force to the ball to execute a given shot.  Of course there’s more. . .the Mongoose Golf Swing is a top down swing, so you automatically have gravity as a friend.  Lift and drop is much easier than sway and swat.
Most male children eventually develop some hand strength, but the reality is that most men do not have the hand power necessary to wield their golf clubs with any of the conventional grips.  This includes the millions of people of all ages who suffer from hand pain.  Perhaps they suffer from a painful finger joint, an old finger injury, or from some muscle of bone disorder.  
Put simply, there are dozens of reasons people’s hands are weaker than they’d like them to be (neck pain caused from over-torguing on the swing; headaches from over-exertion, etc., add to the list of physical problems).  
Here’s my point.  If you place your hands on the club differently, they’re no longer weak.  If you learn to swing differently, you won’t be deliberately aggravating the conditions that cause you all that suffering in the first place.
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