Sunday, February 20, 2011

Right Handers! Stop Hitting the Ball With Your Left Side! Learn a New Top-Down Swing

Many pros, including the world’s former number one, keep driving (hitting) the golf ball from their left side.  This technique really loads up the torque on the spine and lower back.  All of them sway into each shot, pushing into and down on their spine with extreme force.  No wonder so many have bad backs, even those still in their twenties.
Hit down on the golf ball.  A no-brainer with the "GOOSE"

With the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING, which is a totally new TOP-DOWN swing technique, both the right and left-handed golfer strikes down on the ball.  More power, with less effort is the final result.  You’re not trying to get back over the inside of your left leg if you’re right-handed, or over the inside of your right leg if you’re left-handed.
Benefits galore
The chief benefit of learning the "GOOSE" is consistency and accuracy.  But there’s also the benefit of feeling confident that you can execute almost any shot.  And, of course, you may hit the ball over the green from time to time.
Watch the MONGOOSE video DEMO and notice that by removing the infamous takeaway, the technique that takes your body away from the spot where it has to once again arrive in order to apply power to the shot, you never leave that spot as you prepare to execute a shot.
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