Monday, February 7, 2011

The Mongoose Golf Swing Helps Golfers With Chronic Back Pain - Read This!

Many golfers, including far too many pro tour players, suffer from what is now termed “bulging disk pain.”  Golfers acquire this very serious and painful condition because they over-torque their spine while roaring through their swing at the golf ball.
It seems that the object of modern golf is to see how far you can hit the driver.  They keep modifying the old conventional golf swing they learned as a kid until they can maximize the turning of their shoulders, while at the same time minimizing the turning of their hips.  This produces a tightly coiled torso, which helps accelerate the club head speed, which produces more distance on the shot.  Of course for some it also means hitting their driver into the deep rough or out-of-bounds.  Some pros are hitting their wedge 170 yards.  Far too many flinch while doing it.  Madness.

Intervertebral discs are positioned between each vertebral bone of the spine.  The inner core of the disc is a soft gel-like material.  The relentless attempts to modify the old conventional swing is now producing one herniated disc problem after another.  A golfer known around the world had to quit in the middle of the saturday round at the recent Players Championship (2010).  Had to be carted off the course, and was obviously in serious pain.

When you do not release your right hip on your down swing (right-handers), you add significant additional force both downward and laterally to your spine.  This severe over-torquing while not releasing the hip is the prime culprit for bulging-disc problems for golfers.  
When developing the Mongoose Golf Swing, I kept asking myself what do I have to do with my body to significantly reduce the torquing spine problem, without losing my ability to put the force I need into a particular shot?  Hmm.  Well, that was solved by creating a top-down force to the ball - while at the same time rotating my body around and up into a natural finish.
Simply put, I don’t have back pain after a round of golf (I used to) because I eliminated almost all of the torquing.  You’ll learn how to completely release your right hip (right-handers) as you strike the ball.  Same for lefties (I’m a lefty) - only you’ll learn how to release your left hip.  Your right leg will just go along for the ride (left leg for lefties).  Just a great relief for the spine.  Also my swing makes it much easier on all the lower back muscles in the process.
Again, you won’t have bulging disc problems with the “Goose” because you always release your hip (right or left respectively) on the downswing.  In other words, your hips turn almost as much as your shoulders, thus significantly reducing torque on your spine.
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