Saturday, February 5, 2011

"I'm Too Old To Learn a New Golf Swing"

I disagree.  So do the most modern scientists now studying the human brain.  A recent study found researchers with smiles on their face.  Seems that learning how to juggle can change the structure in adult brains - even older adults.  Juggling helps people improve their thinking skills and helps with processing or figuring out things.  Hmm.

So, you’re not too old to learn the Mongoose Golf Swing.  These researchers used magnetic resonance imagining (MRI) scans to observe adult brain function on those who had learned to juggle.  After 3-months of learning how to juggle 3 balls for at least a minute, the MRI revealed significant expansion in the area of the brain associated with processing and storage of complex visual motion.  "Most people can learn to juggle 3 balls for at least a minute. . . . . ." said the lead researcher.
Juggling and the "separating of the hands" feature of the Mongoose Golf Swing have much in common.  The juggler uses both hands in a cooperative way.  By keeping your hands separated on the golf club, each hand becomes aware of having to do slightly different, but important things in relation to the “complex motion” of swinging it and hitting a golf ball.  Fortunately, you don’t have to hit 3 balls at the same time.  But hitting one really well is one of life’s more wondrous feelings.  
Will your thinking improve by learning the “Goose?”  I make no such claims.  Will your scores start to come down?  I absolutely guarantee that your scores will start to come down.  O, and my the way, as your scores start to come down, your spirit starts to go through the roof.  "THWACK!"

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