Sunday, February 13, 2011

GUEST BLOG: Dorothy Slinger and the Mongoose Golf Swing

“I absolutely love the Mongoose Swing.  I gave up golf several times because it wasn’t working for me.  I was terrible.  My boyfriend purchased the Mongoose video out of desperation.  And now I can actually hit a golf ball with some confidence.  It’s other worldly.  We did it by the book.  No clubs at first.  Just learning the weight shift thing, then onto lifting my arms into position.  It felt something like holding a bat, a baseball bat, and waiting for the pitch.  Bat in position.  With this swing you can get your body exactly where it’s supposed to be to hit the ball right.  

“One thing.  Take it easy at first hitting down on the top of the ball.  I was so used to trying to hit it from the side that I had to learn how to see the club hit the ball all over again (Mark needs to include this tip in his next introductory video).  And don’t chop at it because you see an ax in the video.  It took a while for me to realize that you don’t think about using your shoulder, arms, and hands to ‘hit’ the ball.  You kind of hold it all together and ‘hit’ it with your body.  By rotating your body around while holding the club in position, you can really whack it good.  Mark will hate this, but I think it’s kind of like a slap shot with a hockey stick.  It’s not, but it feels like it (anyway, he asked me to write a guest blog for him.  So, if he doesn’t like it, he can edit it out).
“I don’t know about back and hip and knee problems.  But now I’ve got my dad, who has bad knees, to adopt the Mongoose.  He too gave up golf several times.  He has gotten down Mark’s idea about putting with his body better than me.  But we’re both new to this swing, this whole concept.  Yet we’re having fun again.  I told Mark I’m not going on the LPGA.  I just want to have fun and yet play as well as I can.  And you know what, I’m getting better every time I play, every time I practice.  I can’t recommend this swing enough.  Thanks Mark.”

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