Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Everyone Carries Too Many Clubs! Here's What You Need

Ridiculous!  How many ways can I say “ridiculous.”  Ridiculous to carry so many clubs.  Forget what the pros are doing.  They play almost everyday.  They torque their bodies like watch springs and try to tear the cover off the ball.  Forget it!  
Here’s what you need. . .and you can carry these clubs without having to drag a cart or rent a cart.  I’ve talked with a lot of golfers who rent carts because they can’t carry their bag for 18 holes.  Most of them can’t carry their bag for 9 holes.  All men need is a 3 wood, a 5 wood, a 3 iron, a 5 iron, a 6 or 7 iron (whichever feels the best), a 9 iron, a sand wedge, and a putter.  8 clubs max.  Put the other 6 clubs in the closet.
All women need is a 3 or 4 wood (whichever feels best), a 7 wood, a 4 iron, a 6 iron, a 9 iron, a sand wedge, and a putter.  7 clubs max.  Put the other 7 clubs in the closet.  

All children need from the age of 7, 8, 9, is a 7 wood, a 6 iron, a 9 iron (used for getting out of sand, etc.), and a putter.  5 clubs max.  I believe they should carry them in their hands.  Three in one hand, two in the other.  Drop the clubs, select a club, hit the ball, pick up the clubs, and head to the next shot.  Carry 4 balls, max.  When they're gone, the round is over.  I don't need to tell you the sort of training this provides a young beginning player.  Balls are expensive.  
In my video you’ll see me with this big monster bag.  That was for show.  I carry a small canvas bag over my shoulder.  I walk the fairways, slowly at nearly 77.  If someone wants to play through, I wave them on.  “Go for it fellas.” 

If you learn to hit my “low hanger” shot from the tutorial (watch the "GOOSE" DEMO video in far column), you’ll almost always have a shot at hitting in front of the green and rolling it up to the hole.  Every time you can do that, you increase your chance of scoring better on that hole.  If you have to hit a shot over bunkers (sand traps, trees, whatever), use your 9 iron.  Few golfers know much about hitting wedge (the tend to scoop every wedge), including too many pros, many of whom can’t get it consistently close from 50 yards in.
Hitting my “low hanger” is effortless and in a short time, no bull, you’ll be hitting shots that hit in front of the green and roll up.  If you have to hit out of trees onto the fairway, or under trees or some other obstacle, the “low hanger” will save you lots of strokes - I promise you.  Why?  Because once you get comfortable with it, you’ll feel confident in being able to hit it low and let it roll to that spot you’ve preselected for your next shot.  In a short time, you’ll be able to nearly mark the spot the ball will stop rolling.  

The “GOOSE” is not hard to learn.  It’s easy on your back.  It’s much easier to apply force to the golf ball.  More power, less effort is not bull.  It’s true.  You learn this swing and your confidence will improve dramatically.  Confidence is about 60% of golf, maybe more.  You can ORDER the “GOOSE” tutorial in the far right column by simply clicking on the BUY NOW button.  You can pay via PayPal with or without a PayPal account.  As soon as I get word that I have a paid order, I ship.  
Have a great summer.  You’re going to love the “GOOSE.”  And get rid of all those extra clubs!  Walk lighter and carry fewer sticks, that's my motto.

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