Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boobs Don’t Get in the Way of the Mongoose Golf Swing

Many women who love the game of golf - and who just happen to have big breasts - seem to struggle with the conventional golf swing.  This initiates such comments as “How do you swing around them?”  
Teaching pros have developed a sort of mantra to explain how to swing around breasts that want to get in the way.  “Put your left arm over the left one and the right arm up tight against the right one.”  Well, this setup depends completely on how far forward you may be leaning, how long your arms are, etc.  It really isn’t a solution, right?
Recall the British sports caster Ben Wright saying women couldn’t swing the golf club well because they have breasts.  Didn’t specify big, medium, or small.  Just breasts did the damage.  Well, poor old Ben got into some serious trouble.  
No problem with boobs and the Mongoose Golf Swing
For women, the old conventional swing, what I call the “sway and swat” swing, does indeed produce a couple of problems for women with bigger breasts.  If they’re really big, such as the women in the cartoon, then what I notice is that most women don’t have much of a back swing - they just do the best they can to get the club back and hit at the ball.  No distance.  No accuracy.  No confidence.  Soon, no golf.

Women professionals with large breasts have spent hours on the practice tee learning how to swing around their breasts.  But when a women learns to simply lift the club into place - as I teach with the “Goose,” her breasts simply don’t get in the way.  Rather than a side to side torquing swing, the “Goose” is a top down swing, and women who just happen to be endowed by nature do really well with it.
They also learn to separate their hands, which makes each hand stronger and allows them to actually wield the club, which is necessary to control it, to apply force with it; to finish the swing correctly.  All of this is not hard to learn.  Nor does it take that long to learn.  
Getting rid of the takeaway makes it much easier for women, even relatively slight women, to apply force to the golf ball.  Again, it’s a top down swing, versus as side-to-side torquing swing.  No more slicing.  No more miss-hitting.  No more whiffs.  But a whole passel full of new confidence to execute a given shot.  Any women can learn how to shape the blade of a club in order to hit either a deliberate cut (slice) or to draw the ball.  All of this is taught in the Mongoose Golf Swing tutorial.  Learn it and watch your scores come down.
Putting made easy for those with large boobs
As we see in the cartoon, this women is struggling to see the ball.  She also has to simply sway and swat at the ball.  Not so with my putting technique.  Simply learn to separate your hands, actually quite wide for putting (less as the club gets longer), and learn to putt by holding the left hand still and striking the ball with your right hand, which is much lower.  Your two hands produce a lever - with the top hand acting as the fulcrum or pivot point, and the bottom hand applying the force to the ball.
From time to time I’ll have a putting tip, or a means of getting the ball on the green without having to use the wedge, which many people simply can’t do well (even many pros can’t get the ball within 25 feet of the hole on any given shot.  They often take too much of a divot or hit it fat or over hit it or under hit it.  In any case, lots of pros have bad wedge days.  I teach what I call “a low-hanger” that helps you get the ball on the green, which makes it at least possible to have a putt.  
Most golfers are short on almost every shot - including their putts.  I’ve watched hundreds of tournaments where most of the pros are short on too many shots to put up a good score - including the Worlds’ Number One, two, three, four, etc.
To ORDER the Mongoose Golf Swing DVD tutorial, simply click on the BUY NOW button in the far right column.  You’re going to love this new swing.

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