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FINALLY, I'm working on a totally NEW WEBSITE. Why? I want to make it easier to learn the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING. I will be providing more video on the NEW SITE (same name). Please bear with me do these things right takes some time. But hopefully, sometime in August I will launch the NEW SITE. Thanks, LM Marchus

Sunday, February 5, 2017


I haven't posted to this blog for some time. I was completing my books: As an introductory offer I'm giving away a 411 page book Bucket Work in the Sea of Eternity FREE. Simply click on the link above and download the FREE book.

Meet Steve. Steve has been a golfer for many years ...tried a number of swing techniques. Now claims: "You have a new convert." He has approached learning the Mongoose Golf Swing as correctly as anyone in the history of its existence - and certainly those of you interested in learning the 'Goose' will do well to read his comments below.

"I have tried most swings known to man including a split grip. I would have epiphanies but too many crappy  shots -- especially with the driver. Would hit under the ball and get that 'nice' short pop up and ugly ball mark on top of the driver.

If I understand what you are describing -- does the backswing feel like one is pushing down on the club handle with the lead hand and pulling with the trail hand to get to the top of the backswing? Is this the leveraging? The downswing would be kind of the reverse where the trail hand pushes down and around -- the lead hand isn't very active and kind of 'goes along for the ride?' The release is the right hand/forearm crossing over the left one (I am right handed). I would hit some great shots especially with irons and hybrids but as you stated couldn't get the driver to work with any consistency."


"You have a new convert. I remember Peter Jacobson - good golfer - I think he has at least one replaced joint. The conventional swing has too much tongue compression - twisting etc. - too violent [on the body]. 

I am strong in the arms/hands and always intuitively wanted to hit the ball in this manner--maybe I was all hands and not enough hip/shoulder turn.

Your swing felt compact and short without bracing - resisting etc. Hit two buckets without any pain or discomfort. 

Watched the tutorial a third time and reviewed some blog notes then went to the range."


"Hit slow/short shots for 20 minutes -- very easy to pitch and chip -- also worked well from sand.

Went to the range -- swinging split-handed is something I have played with so this was easy to adapt to. Needed to remember to turn through ball and come at the ball at a steep / 45* angle.

There are no bad lies with this method -- as someone who swept the ball, I hated playing off tight lies. With this method, every ball is a nail and its just a matter of hitting down at the 45* or so angle. This already is a great epiphany.

Compression is very distinct from the way I used to hit it. I see why the cue of hitting with the heel is essential. I hit shots with the long hybrid I could never do before -- the ball comes off hot with a [low] boring flight -- the feeling from the club through the hands is brand new as is the ball flight--this goes for all the clubs.

For me, the back swing is performed by pushing down on the top of grip w/ lead hand and pulling back w/ trail hand(leveraging/teeter totter. I used this for all shots--sand, chip all the way up to the 12 degree driver.

Swing feels like a punch/throw/axe swing with my body weight behing it down at the ball with the leverage / teeter-totter hand action near inpact--when done correctly--wow; straight, well struck  and long (for me) shots. Whats not to like?

Never thought about takeaway, stance, feet, etc -- see ball, hit ball. This was great--you dont have to think about throwing a ball, shooting a basketball, catching a football. Now I can stand over the ball and just go after it. I find its easy to adjust for mis-hits as there is so little moving parts.

In all--I'm sold.This is a great way to play -- especially for those of us who don't have time to hone our games for hours. With some more practice, the best is yet to come. Thank you for your great ideas--any comments would be appreciated.



Photo credit: Johnny Silvercloud via / CC BY-SA

Friday, September 11, 2015


THE FIRST THING TO LEARN ...Use your body and not your arms and shoulders to putt.

THE SECOND THING TO LEARN ...Separate your hands so that they're not touching (at all).

You take the putter back about 6 inches for every putt from a foot to 20 feet. Take it back no more than 10 inches for putts from 20 feet to 50 feet. Putts longer than 50 feet ...let your body determine how far back to take the putter.

Take the putter back using your arms and shoulders ...then turn the putting over to your body. By that I mean contract the muscles on the right side of your body and then use your body to determine how hard to tap the ball. Your body has billions of nerve cells - each involved with your brain - and does a much better and far more consistent job of making the right determination of how hard to putt the ball.

Make your read (most people allow too much break) ...take your stance and let your body do the putting. You will stop making mid-stroke corrections that are too often wrong and cause you to miss. Once you get a bit comfortable with this technique'll soon be able to simply take your stance (allowing for your read) and keep your eyes on the hole through the whole putting experience.

One final thing ...take a really light grip on the putter more white knuckles.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Angry Golfer Rips Apart the Takeaway Which KILLS the Golf Swing Dead

You're addressing the golf ball: the very second you move your body to the right (right-handers) you introduce 1,000 problems to your brain. And because of the complexity of the human brain maybe it's 10,000 or 100,000 problems. For now to strike the golf ball with any force you have to get your body back to the address position - you're now moving (actually floating) LEFT and you must get 'slightly' passed the address position so as to get the blade/head of the club in the right position to apply force to the golf ball. No one knows exactly where one is while floating back to the ball ...the pros do it all by feel ...on any given day they're spraying shots just like an amateur. The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING changes all that ...for the first time since golf's invention.

Golf is now centuries old. The so-called 'conventional swing' began wrong and stays wrong ...Another epic wrong is the conventional grip. The second any part of one hand touches a part of the other hand the brain goes into hyper alert. 'What do you want me to do with the left hand ...the right hand?' The overlapping finger or fingers grip was an attempt to grip the golf stick more firmly (they were once made of wood) ...The notion of making two hands into one began long before brain research appeared on the scene. But look at how a hockey player holds a hockey stick. They've learned that to apply any force at all (and does not the hockey stick in the image below look exactly like a golf club?). You must separate your hands to get a good grip. You must! Take a 7-iron. Wrap the fingers of your left hand around the top of the grip pad and your right hand fingers around the grip at the bottom of the grip pad. Sit in a chair can now wield the golf club (you can move it here and there with a fierceness) - which you must be able to do to execute a good golf shot. 

The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is a top down swing and employs the strongest muscles in your body to the golf swing (very much like a hockey player must employ his upper body strength because his legs are on skates and he's moving - even the goalie). With the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING your legs simply go along for the ride there's significantly less pressure on your spine hips and knees. You don't have to swing hard to apply a great deal of force to the ball can lift the club to a point BELOW your hips and hit the ball 50 yards effortlessly (I demo this in slow motion in the new e-download version of my video tutorial. $9.95). 

A full swing with the 'GOOSE' is a three-quarter swing. Note this testimonial from Joe Phillips: "Two of my friends recommended your swing about a year ago. I hesitated because I've tried so many. Finally, in desperation I ordered your swing idea. One of my friends told me to go slow. I don't know slow. But I got a pretty good feel for what you're trying to do. Moving my weight forward was really difficult after so many years. But after a few times running through it on the TV, I started to see the benefits. I went to the range and hit a bunch of shots. I did as you suggested and got rid of my driver. You're right, I hit the 3 wood farther than the driver. I got to tell you after almost 40 years I really appreciate this swing idea." And this one from Joanna Dunn (age 62). "A remarkably simple approach. I watched the tutorial four or five times, then practiced three or four times at the range, then I played. I hit my drives much farther. I could never pitch a shot. Now I can. Thanks much."

There are a few people who have inquired around the Internet about the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING. "Anybody know anything about this Mongoose Golf Swing?" and "How can you believe anything from an old guy talking out of a mess?" I've never answered them ...until now. They said the same thing about Einstein ...even his fellow 'scientists' tried to say such things as "His desk is such a mess nothing can come of it." His answer: "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" People use your own good judgment. If what you hear makes sense the bloody video tutorial (now in a e-download). If not just go click and head back to the takeaway it's endless problems and your old scores ...good luck.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


BLOG READERS: I sold a MONGOOSE GOLF SWING TUTORIAL to a man in Florida who had taught the conventional golf swing for more than 25 years. He has some arthritis and yet loves the game enough to give a new swing technique a shot. He watched the tutorial a few times went out and started hitting balls into a net. Then onto the range where he made many adjustments. Then he started playing using the new technique and feel in love with it.

I just got this email from him today. The earlier emails and exchanges are below. What you might also find interesting is how his wife who also played for years and is now playing again using the Mongoose is doing. Ray and I have zero financial affiliation. Let me repeat ZERO financial affiliation. What follows are his words. 

Hi Mark,  Since my last update on the MG swing I did make it to the driving range again.  I started with my wedges and all my shots hit the green and my distance was the same and I'm only swinging at 80% (so the 3/4 swing works just fine as far as power). Sand wedge went 100 yards my middle irons I hit straight and then when I got to my long irons I started hooking them and I thought I was coming over the top but after laying my head cover 1/2 inch from the ball I wasn't coming over the top, I was over-swinging and getting the club too far behind my back shoulder.  I quickly adjusted and went back to the 3/4 swing with my hands about ear height and the ball started going straight.

Felt good. Felt right. And no pain.

My wife was practicing the Mongoose Swing and she was hitting the ball farther, straighter and higher that she has since she started back playing. I on the other hand tend to over analyze the swing.

Played a tough course that is totally bunker lined on all fairways and the greens are surrounded by bunkers.  The course is a slope of 122 at 6,513 yards so it is a good test of golf with little if any room to run the ball on the green so you have to fly the ball on the green.

I left the driver in my trunk and played the 3 wood as you suggested and I was very happy that most of my drives were just as far but straight because if you miss a fairway on this course you will lose at least a shot. The MG chipping saved me 5 shots around the green as it is much more accurate than what is being taught. The putting technique I'm still working on but anytime you change anything in your golf swing or putting swing it may take a little more time.  Some golfers like my wife picked it up right away she is ready to hit the links everyday.

I shot a 76 and I'm very pleased and I know I can score better put I am always happy to break 80.  My wife broke a 100 with a score of 94 and was ready to play another 18.  The main thing right now is that our backs didn't hurt and my hands felt a lot better.

I highly recommend the Mongoose Golf Swing, it will give you better scores with less effort and less injuries. Some students will pick this swing up right away and others like myself that over analyze will take a little longer but it does work.

I don't know where you can get any golf instruction for under $20.00. It is totally a win win for golfers. Any time there is a new idea in the golf swing arena you will get criticism until the person gives the swing a real try and that is what I did.  

Thanks again Mark.  

I'm a MG golfer ...and after all these years.


L M Marchus: [I sent Ray a couple of tips to help him make a few adjustments that he could incorporate immediately since he's a low handicapper and former Pro teacher].

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the information on the wrist and body rotation.

As for how my wife adapted to the Mongoose she watched the tutorial four times to get a feel for it and see if she could get it, and then we went to the range and I went over the Mongoose Swing and showed her how to check for the correct ball position and the pull push method and she just started hitting the ball at a good trajectory and most balls straight. She needed to practice more on her chipping and putting but she did great with the swing so I just didn't say any more about it. I just encourage her, that she is swinging great and keep it up. 

She is a very happy golfer and so am I.


Friday, August 29, 2014



What follows is a series of emails from a man in Florida - now retired - who taught several golf swing techniques over some 25-years. He now has a bit of arthritis and some back issues from over-torquing during several thousand rounds of golf. He purchased the tutorial and began responding to his progress and I thought you might like to read the emails. 


Thanks Mark for all the great tips.  

I was a golf instructor for 25-years and now retired. I have read your blog and studied your swing on the sample video and I believe you have cracked the code. I'm ordering your DVD today and look forward to the PDF until I receive the DVD. 

Thanks again Ray

Thanks Mark for the PDF.  

I will follow your advice. I taught the Jimmy Ballard Swing, Path to Better Golf by Peter Croker, Natural Golf and the Simple Swing. The first Natural Golf we used a split grip (something like the 'Goose'). With my arthritis I'm searching for anything that will ease my pain. I've only played 15 times this year and have had only 1 round in the 70's a 74 on a very tough course the rest of the rounds were 80 to 84 and I use to always score in the 70's and 60's. I will see the doctor next week and see if I need an operation on my hand. I'm like you in your blog I will go down trying my best to overcome any adversity.


Hi Mark, 

I received your video today and my wife and I sure enjoyed it. I went out and practiced hitting into the net and the swing seemed much easier on my back and hands. There is much more power in the swing. After a couple of weeks on the range I'll let you know how I'm doing.  

Thanks again,  


Dear Ray,
You seem to be a straight up person …just telling it like it is. I’d like to do a running commentary on my website about what you’re doing to learn the swing and what you think about it primarily because you've taught the conventional swing for so many years as a pro. I’ve had several other people offer - but none of them sounded like themselves and none of them had your background. They would have sounded like a paid ad to pitch the 'Goose.' I need the commentary to be from inside - and it must be your actual impression - if you get my meaning. 

Any interest?

L M Marchus

Hi Mark,  
Yes, I would be glad to provide a commentary and if there is something you don't like feel free to delete it. I was a golf swing instructor for 25-years plus I was a club fitter, club builder and repaired them as well. I passed my PAT Play Ability Test for the PGA the first time. I only worked as an apprentice for 2-years and went to work for other companies including Club Tech for the LPGA for 2-years. I feel I know quite a lot about the golf swing but we are always trying to learn a better way. What I can tell your other students is that there is more freedom in the MG golf swing than any other swing I have taught. This produces faster club head speed and straighter shots with less effort [which equals I believe] fewer injuries. I'm not bragging and I don't need any accolades I've already received them. I'm retired and at 66 in good health and enjoy life. Showing the shots in the air (in your video) was excellent - you hit the ball really nice. I will keep a journal of my progress and I will send it to you from time-to-time. 


PS - this is great for the women as you know.

Hi Mark,  
After 3 weeks now of watching the Mongoose Golf Swing every day and chipping and pitching the ball I wanted to give you an update on how the swing is going. After I received the tutorial I went out and hit balls into my net in the back yard and I could feel the power in the swing right away with the levering and contracting of the muscles on the right side.

After retiring from teaching golf for 25-years I know a little bit about the golf swing. I wanted to make a change in my golf swing because after playing for 58-years my body was falling apart from all the body rotation. I also wanted a swing that didn't depend on rhythm.

Everything you say in the Video is the absolute truth. The back swing (from the old swing) is confusing and many golfers never learn it. Now that is eliminated in the Mongoose Swing. How to find your correct ball position can save a golfer so many strokes and Bobby Jones thought this was the most important thing in the golf swing.

As a student now of the Mongoose Swing, I took your advice and first wielded the clubs while waiting for the DVD. Watching the DVD and practicing chipping for a week and the ball goes straight where you aim it.

The second week I started pitching the ball and hitting the low runner from waist high to waist high. It is really hard to miss a shot this way. I'm not swinging 100% only 50%. I plan on scoring in the 60's and low 70's again so I am in no hurry to rush learning this swing in its purest form.

The 3rd week I'm back in the net making full swings at 60%, repeating the swing in my mind as I visualize it from the DVD. I will be going to the range this week to test out - but I feel very confident in it.

The next commentary I post will be on what I feel as I'm executing the Mongoose Swing and what keys I use to strike the ball solid. Plus I'll provide an update on how I did at the range and maybe the course as it is getting cooler here in Florida. Oh, yes, one big secret that Mark tells everyone is the swing feels like a hockey stick swing. And that's the truth.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Why is it critical to a good result of a golf swing to hit down on the golf ball? Here's the answer - you apply more force to the ball than when you sweep the ball or hit up into it. Key to striking the golf ball is to not only hit down but also have the hand at the top of the grip leading all the way through contact and up into the finish. If you're right-handed your right hand must lead the left hand all the way through impact and up into the finish. The so-called "release" will occur naturally.

Okay what actually happens when we execute a shot like this? What happens is we produce a swing that drives the golf ball down into the ground - just enough to cause it to rotate counter clockwise if we were watching the swing from the side. The spin is coming back at us and this causes the ball to rise but in a certain trajectory. The best ball flight I've ever seen in observing the game for more than 65 years is that of Sam Snead. His drives would start out very low to the ground and then rise up and then the ball would just drop on the fairway and continue to roll. Why? The spin would reverse upon hitting the ground and this causes the ball to roll. Nicklaus's ball flight would take off high and stay high and long and then drop and he wouldn't get near the roll but because of his strength his drives were slightly longer. Snead won the most tournaments of anyone in golf history. 

Again to get the most out of a golf shot hit down on the ball and help your right-hand forward all the way through into the finish. With the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING the ability to keep the hand at the top of the grip in front of the hit to the ball is set before you lift the club into position. My tutorial shows in detail how to hit down on the golf ball. It shows in detail how to use your feet. It shows in detail how to hold your hands. Summer is still a thing of beauty. Order the tutorial and quickly lower your scores. I mean isn't that the object of the game? Just click on the Order Now button and follow the instructions. You don't need a PayPal account to use their online banking services.