Mongoose Golf Swing

Mongoose Golf Swing
More Power, Less Effort

Sunday, March 16, 2014


I advocate striking down on the back of the golf ball on EVERY SHOT except a bunker shot (I’ve covered this in several posts - see Archives below). The intention is to slightly compress the ball by forcing it into the ground (always at an angle - we’re not hammering here). This produces a unique sound & keeps the ball flight lower & thus you don’t have to over torque your body to put plenty of force on the ball to get good distance and better accuracy. This technique of striking the ball generates far more confidence that you can execute a shot. Obviously you have to think about sand differently since it’s soft & if you strike down on the back of the golf ball it will simply bury it deeper in the bunker or go squirting off in some unknown direction. 

So we have all kinds of sand even wet sand. What to do? If the sand is fluffy & dry you can cut across the ball diagonally & by hitting down but with a shallow angle on the club a few inches in front of the ball you can drive the club under the ball and lift it out of the bunker & with the right touch get it fairly close to the hole (I’ll get into wet sand below). The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is a lever-swing and involves the hands substantially more than the conventional swing at the point of contact. By learning to lever the lower hand and using your left hand as a fulcrum point (think teeter totter) you can amplify the force with little effort. 

Place the ball in the center of your stance (I know the pros do it differently). Visualize your wedge bottoming out just under the ball (as if you’re [scooping] the ball out of the sand) while driving your right hand throw & up as you pull back with your left hand. The action is confined to a much smaller area than taught by those teaching conventional bunker play. You apply a great deal of force by using this levering approach with your hands as opposed to the big wide arc blast that is so common. Don’t try to cut across the ball. Why? Because the tendency is to go too deep into the sand in order to get below the ball. Separate your hands with your right hand below the left (if you’re right-handed) and practice lifting the club straight up as opposed to the typical takeaway (it doesn’t go straight up but that’s the sensation we're after - when deliberately confining the swing plane) and dropping the club head in back of the ball while pushing with your right hand through and up into a finish [while at the same time] pulling back with your left hand (don’t exaggerate this action - not necessary - just practice levering and visualize your hands producing the levering action). Hockey players lever their shot because they’re on slippery ice & have no other means of leveraging their body. Nothing firm to stand on. Start by trying to drop the club behind and under [pennies] placed on an “old” carpet. When they hitting them starts sounding like gun shots you’re on your way.

If the sand is wet (as it gets if you play in the rain) or if the bunkers have been watered (either on purpose or through drainage) but you have a good lie (which you normally do because the sand has impacted or hardened) and you don’t have to lift the ball too much - then do the same thing but with an 8 iron or 9 iron so you can make more contact with the ball FIRST. Allow for these club heads by not overswinging at the ball. Do not hit even an inch in back of the ball in wet sand. And just try to get the ball on the green - don’t try to sink the shot - you’ll have no concentration left for just making good contact with the ball. 

For long bunker shots without obstruction (such as a high bunker lip) use a 5 iron if you think you need a 4 iron. When I’m in a bunker I’m more interested in making good contact with the ball than how far I think I can hit it. I always grip down a bit (maybe an inch) to heighten my grip strength. Concentrate on the ball with your eyes and make solid contact and let the rest take care of itself. I imagine the golf ball is the size of a tennis ball. It seems to help over the last 60-years or so.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


BEFORE I post my comments on the theme “There is more to golf than the golf swing” I want to say this: I’ve reduced by pricing for the first time in 6 years. Why? I have an easier way now to produce the DVDs and because it’s easier it cost me less. I’ve passed those savings on and included another $1.45 to keep the whole purchase under $20. I feel good about 2014 and the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING. There are now people using this golf swing in 49 states (still haven’t sold a tutorial in Hawaii) and all over Europe China India Australia and New Zealand and parts of Africa. Very satisfying to me. 

Golf for the recreational golfer should not be about scoring at all costs. I knew a golfer who carried a 5 handicap and never owned his own clubs. He just used a rental set and went out and played because he loved the grass the trees bordering the fairways the open spaces and putting. “If they took putting away from it I’d quit in a heartbeat” he once said. He many times scored in the low 70s on tough courses with a rental set. Played with them because he didn't want to take the game seriously. Finished his round handed them in and went home. He never tried to outdrive me but did so most of the time because to him it wasn’t about beating me but enjoying my company while playing an outdoors game in the sunshine. He played with a let it rip attitude (something like John Daley). He was good without saying a word about how good he was. He’s dead now. I miss him. I miss his jokes and I miss watching him putt. He was phenomenal. Like Palmer he just went for the hole and if he had a 7 footer coming back he went for it again. Only once did I see him 4 putt in all the times we played. I saw a professional 4 putt twice in one round. Don would tee the ball low and hit it down on it and it would have the same kind of trajectory that I remember with Sam Snead. 

We compete for almost everything in this life and then we go to the golf course and compete some more. I recommend Don’s attitude and his approach to the game. If you like driving the ball then that’s why you play - along with perhaps his other revelations about the wide open spaces the grass tree etc. As for me I simply enjoy executing a good shot. I hit a lot of shots where the ball lands in front of the green and rolls up. I’ve always done better with that approach than trying to hit the wedge close to the pin. 

Finally I highly recommend playing golf with much smaller heads on your driver 3 metal fairway club etc. You develop better hand-eye coordination and you can shape your shots easier. And of course I recommend playing without keeping score. What! That’s right - play without keeping score. We keep score about how we’re doing in life for everything. How much wealth have we accumulated - how much stuff do we have - how much retirement money etc. “My net worth is greater than your net worth” said a presidential candidate. I was flabbergasted. Just play the game as a game. If you’re not being pressed by a foursome behind you - take the extra shot. Take three if you’re not being pushed. Just enjoy the results of a good shot. Then when you go back to work - to whatever it is you do - you can put your spurs back on and dig them into the horses side and compete your brains out.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Can we agree on this — you’re reading this post right now - because you’re not doing well with the game of golf? And perhaps we can even agree on this — you know something’s wrong either with how you’ve learned the CONVENTIONAL GOLF SWING or with the conventional golf swing itself? If we can agree on those two assumptions then perhaps we can even agree on this — you want the solution to be easy and you don’t like what some critics have called my “messy” desk in the video. “Anything that comes out of that mess is bogus man.” Well let me say this — my golf swing is not bogus for one reason only: it works and it works better and will allow you to play with wobbly knees an aging aching backs and even if your hands are weak.

As for the messy work area I make no apologies for working 10-12 hours a day writing books. I just finished BLANK after having written every day for more than 6 years. That’s right every day. I expect both a print version and ebook version to be available on Amazon (and several other sites) by 7 or 8 Jan 2014. A woman said “He smells of smoke and sweat. How can he be so smart” about Albert Einstein. Many said “He wears different colored socks. He must be a weirdo.” All he did was write papers that are even today called “the most beautiful scientific papers ever written.” All he did was discover that light and energy are essentially the same things. That time and space are actually a space-time continuum. I was in the room of a great historian and had to make my way past stacks of books on the floor a chair on which he placed his feet when they began to ache after putting in 12-15 hours even in his late 70s. And out of this “mess” came some of the best history the world has ever read. 

“The dude looks like some old guy trying to scam the hackers.” My take on that kind of comment is like Anonymous comments - those who post negative comments and won’t leave their name or email. They haven’t the guts to let the accused respond. These are obviously people who can’t think for themselves can’t discern differences in anything. They lump the whole world into a heap and then wonder why they’re so miserable. The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING cannot be learned by watching my introductory video picking up a few tips and going to the driving range. Nor can it be learned by “playing with it” (as one negative commentator exclaimed) “for 6 holes” and finding he struggled with the swing to get out of bunkers. He NEVER had the swing in the first place. Learning a new golf swing isn’t like driving through some fast food takeout. It takes time. And you have to know the steps in the whole process. It’s not terribly hard to learn the swing - but you don’t just separate your hands and think that’s it. The separating of the hands is for the purpose of creating a lever. Archimedes said “Give me a big enough lever and I’ll move the earth.” The CONVENTIONAL GOLF SWING says: “the hands should be quiet.” I claim they must “shout” their way back into the golf swing by becoming a lever that increases one’s ability to apply power — especially if your an older person or a smaller person. By separating the hands they each get stronger which means people with weak hands can also play the game. Think about it.

To try the MONGOOSE GOOF SWING you should buy the video tutorial and be willing to spend some time building some new muscle memory around the new techniques. I spent a lot producing the video. I do not intend to sell it "cheaper" for those wallowing in our throw away society. "If it doesn't work I want to be able to chuck it man." And by the way - with the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING it’s easier getting out of bunkers because what’s really needed is some sort lever - right?

Monday, December 30, 2013


MARY Queen of Scots was damn near 6 feet tall and rode a horse like a man. Walk up to some guy and knock him out with her fists. She loved GOLF. She ended up getting beheaded by Liz the First. She only got to 45. But golf is old. Basketball football baseball they’re all new by comparison. For some 450 years people have rocked over to the right - the infamous TAKEAWAY - and then rocked back over to the left (at least for the right handers) and tried to swat the ball down the cow pasture. People dressed to play golf as if they were going to attend a formal meeting or have dinner at some posh restaurant. Mary took it seriously when she lost. Avoiding eye-contact was suggested.

When a sport is new all sorts of flaws become part of how people are taught to play the game. In every sport basketball football baseball the players have bad mechanics or some other biophysical flaw that prevents them from being their best. The TAKEAWAY is the living monster from the very beginning of the game of golf.

The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING which I developed over three years eliminates that fatal flaw in the golf swing. I can’t keep track of all the pros who have back problems from the CONVENTIONAL GOLF SWING. They have chiropracters that follow the tour. Give the golfers adjustments before and after playing. Doesn’t that seem slightly askew for how it should be? To me it’s just stupid to play a game with a fatal flaw built into every swing. The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is top down swing that sets you up to apply all the power you need for a given shot. You don’t have to over-swing to put some distance on a shot so it’s significantly more accurate. You can play more within yourself even if you're not the biggest guy on the course.

I’m nearing 80 and can still hit a drive 275 (250 plus on average) with this swing. I don’t hurt my back or knees or torque my spine so bad I need a chiropractor. Think about it. For a few bucks (I’ve held my price because it’s more than worth it) you can learn how to get rid of the historic fatal flaw in the golf swing and maybe get to play a few more years without pain.

To purchase a DVD of the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING TUTORIAL just click on the buy button in the right hand column. You don’t need an account with PAYPAL to use their services. Just provide your credit card info and as soon as I get notification i’ll mail you a DVD and a PDF of some tips that I’ve added over the years about putting bunker play etc.

Friday, October 4, 2013


The MONGOOSE GOLF SWING is about hitting DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN on the golf ball. DOWN is the key word. Why is this so difficult? The problem is how our eyes react to roundness - to hitting down on something ROUND. The brain says "WHERE" do I hit it? I want you to imagine the golf ball as FLAT. Tbe brain doesn't know if it's ROUND or FLAT. Recall that only recently man learned the earth was round. Went from FLAT to ROUND overnight (ole Gallileo and his telescipe huh?). 

FLAT. The ball is FLAT. FLAT FLAT FLAT FLAT FLAT as a pancake. FLAT as the deck of aircraft carrier. FLAT as an ironing board. FLAT. See the golf ball is flat. 

Now I'm telling you to imagine a line drawn a third of the way across the flat surface - (measure from the right if right-handed - from the left if left-handed). See it? Make the line thick (an 1/8 of an inch is fine) so you can't miss it. I mean you're just imagining it right? 

NOW that you've deceived your own brain - the sky's the limit. You see when you hit DOWN on a golf ball - you know the FLAT one lying there in front of your feet - the ball goes UP into the sky. How that happens is for another post.


Sunday, August 18, 2013


You head for the course. No time to hit a bucket. Head for the first tee. Crack. Slice. Bad start. Try something else. Find a place where you can just swing a club back and forth. When you grip the club separate your hands. Right handers have your right hand at the bottom of the grip. Left hand at the top (lefties reverse this). Just take the club up to about hip high. Swing through slowly. No I said SLOWLY. Ballet. Slow. Up and through. Up and through. Like a swing moving in slow motion. 

MAKE CERTAIN all your fingers are holding the club. 8 fingers and 2 thumbs. Right? 8 fingers 2 thumbs. Up and through. Slowly. What's happening here? People all over the world work with their hands. Some people do extremely complex subtle highly sensitive things with their hands. The hand-brain cooperation is everything in many occupations. Surgery for example. How about brain surgery. Everything is magnified for the surgeon - BLOWN UP - and it still takes a lot of concentration and feel. Key word here for golfing is FEEL. 

I CLAIM many pros lose tournaments because they have two bad rounds. Why the bad rounds? The brain and hands simply aren't on the same page. So they tend to under swing and then over swing. Slice draw hook and suddenly they're playing out of the rough. First hole bogey or double bogey and from that point on they're trying to save the round. Right? 

This simply exercise will save a lot of strokes. I've recommended this to dozens of golfers. Many have called me and said it really works. Amazing. The fingers have tens of thousands of nerve cells that send info to the brain. This is not rockery science just simple logic and a bit of experience. Try it out.

In the meantime you should learn the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING. To ORDER the DVD TUTORIAL just click on the BUY button the right column. PayPal doesn't require anyone to have an account with them to use their online banking services. Just go to their site and fill out the numbers and bingo they let me know and I ship a DVD. Good luck. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013


The object of golf is to have the lowest score possible. But the easiest way to improve your scores is by becoming a better PUTTER. Let's break down the physical part of putting to this: 1) Alignment. 2) The takeaway. 3) Hitting through the ball. Most golfers DO NOT KNOW HOW to align themselves and their stroke to make the most accurate putt. Most golfers including most pros leave most putts short. 

Now let's shift to the thinking part of putting. 1) Reading the break. 2) Calculating how hard to strike the ball. 3) Executing those decisions consistently. It's not hard to see that everyone of these parts can go wrong (and do go wrong). 

Let's take a look at Billy Casper (an old pro who really understood putting). He was called a "tap putter." He took the putter back a short distance and tapped the ball firmly. Even on short putts. This technique offers several benefits. 1) the farther back you take the club the easier it becomes to hit the ball off line. And the farther back you take the club the more likely you'll decelerate right at the ball. Casper accelerated the putter at the ball. 2) By reducing the amount of the takeaway you begin to get a more consistently accurate alignment. Casper practiced taking as much of the break out of a putt as possible. Ideally you hit every putt straight. If you try to die the ball at the hole and you have a lot of break you're not going to make many of those putts. 

THE SECRET: 1) Reduce the amount of takeaway. 2) Read the break and reduce it with the plan that you're going to hit the ball more firmly. 3) Tap the ball firmly. 

Epilogue: I recommend you don't worry so much about hitting PAST the hole. By reducing the break and hitting the ball more firmly you're going to make more putts. If there's a 3 putt in there from time to time that's okay. 

PS - With summer upon us it's a great time to take on the MONGOOSE GOLF SWING (which is a totally new swing concept that within a short time makes you far more consistent). To ORDER simply click on the BUY button in the far right column. Get your 33 MIN OF ARRRH and watch those scores tumble.